Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Real numbers trump fake numbers: Why Republicans are cruising toward a BIG Election victory

By Kevin Collins

When the 4.1 GDP came out last week the Democrats were already dead. The 4.1 just helped make the arrangements for their funeral.

Like the wounded animals they are, the left cried out in pain when the reliably left leaning Gallup and Harvard Harris polls joined the rolling left Rasmussen poll in delivering what for Democrats is terrible news: American voters love Donald Trump’s economy.

Immediately, Democrat controlled polls started to churn out fake polls. These fake polls were designed solely to generate dispiriting headlines; but they won’t work. As always, the Democrats are overplaying the situation. They are telling obvious lies the old Soviets would be proud of.

Here’s some iodine to pour on these festering lies; the evil donkey is trying to tell.

An honest analysis of how much trouble Democrats are in has to include the #walkaway project on twitter and Youtube. Started by a gay man who is disgusted by the hateful Democrats, it asks Democrats to join him in walking away from the Democrat Party.

The success of his movement is growing, and it is killing the Democrats.

A quick search of personal #walkaway testimonials on Youtube, posted by now former Democrats who felt compelled to publicly explain why they had to leave the Democrat Party, shows these videos have over 1.14 million views.

So far the closest Democrats will come to these videos is to have CNN stupidly allege they are the work of Russia bots. Democrats fear the #walkaway movement as they should.

Remember that for every Democrat moved to do a video denouncing Democrats many many others hold the same opinion.

BTW where is the hashtagwalkawayfromrepublicans movement?

The Democrat pollsters are lying.

Remember the ridiculous Quinnipiac poll showing Democrats with a 12-point generic ballot lead? It was built on a 20 point over sampling of Democrats.

On July 25th YouGov reported Donald Trump had a 42% approval rating. The next day July 26, YouGov was forced to report the truth that it was really at 46%.

Sometimes they bury the truth hoping we won’t see it.

In early July 538.Com, no friend of Republicans, found just 53% of Black Americans identify as Democrats and 19% approve of Trump. Moreover just 39% of Hispanics identify as Democrats and 34% approve of Trump.

These numbers are deadly poison for the evil donkey.

Our friend and great researcher @SHEPMJS caught this lie about the Mid-term generic poll. On July 23 had Democrats +3. But apparently Nate Silver who runs it didn’t like that number, so he merely changed it to Democrats +6 and eventually to Democrats +8.

Natie knows the generics game. He knows that in 2016 Democrats had a + 6 and still lost seats so to show any kind of lead for his side he lied as leftist apparatchiks do.

These are the real numbers that trump the fake numbers.

Compiled by @SHEPMJS, this is the information the Democrat controlled media has smothered.

"GDP 4.1%, Food stamp participation down 2.2 million 8 years low. Social Security Disability claims lowest in 15 years, Unemployment 3.8 % Black/Hispanic unemployment all-time lows-Median household income up $2,000 in 18 months & rising. Homeowners $410,000 more in equity in homes."

The next installment on why Republicans win 11 Democrat Senate seats will be this week. It will be built on some new data that is starting to support my claim and prediction that there will be at least one Democrat loser in November who is NOT even on the radar today.

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