Thursday, August 9, 2018

How scared of Trump’s rising approval numbers with African American voters is the NAACP?

By Kevin Collins

The answer to the question how scared is the NAACP of Trump’s rising approval numbers among African Americans is: it has driven them insane.

The NAACP has just released their own poll showing Trump at 21% approval from their own community and they are saying this is a sign that he is in trouble.

Completely disregarding the facts and relying on their members’ disconnection with the truth, the NAACP has pumped out a desperately ridiculous report on the findings of its own survey.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton had 89% Black support and Trump had 8%; but the Black turn out made them only 12% of the electorate.

After Barack Obama rang up 94% with 13% of the electorate being Black in 2008 and 2012 this was a sharp fall off that ultimately cost her the election.

It is a mystery how a jump from 8% support to 21% support in 18 months could possibly be an impediment to Trump’s plans for a November victory this year.

Nevertheless, here is their reasoning: Trump is a racist that just needs to be recognized as such by African American voters; Trump is setting race relations back; (something the NAACP should be happy about if true because otherwise they would not be “needed”); support for Trump from Kanye West and Dennis Rodman has hurt Trump.

The truth is that Trump's approval rating among black men doubled the week after West came out in support of Trump; and the NAACP’s poll, at 21% support for Trump shows a higher African American support level than what is being reported by either Reuters or Pew.

Also, of interest and to be filed under, “Didn’t the NAACP get the memo?” their poll found, 35% among Hispanics and 32% among Asians.

All of these data points added up to, Derrick Johnson, NAACP president and CEO, saying, “Our analysis shows President Trump’s racism is a major factor in both why and how people will vote in the midterm elections. The poll confirms how Trump’s racism has not only divided the nation and polluted policy, but also serves as a key factor in motivating voters of color to disrupt politics as usual on a national scale.”

Keep in mind that a recent poll by Survey Monkey, no friends of Republicans, found just 56% of Blacks self-identify as Democrats and another survey found just 78% intend to vote Democrat. Both these numbers are horrendous for Democrats.

There was no report on whether the home he must live in gave Mister Johnson an extra fruit cup after dinner for saying these things; but they do put him in the running for a Wile E. Coyote Trump Frustration Award.

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