Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The left’s fraudulent voter registration numbers are psy-ops lies

By Kevin Collins

Recently our intelligence was insulted by the left’s lie machine once again. This time the lies centered on a comparison between the number of voters registered as Democrats and the number registered as Republicans.

We were told that as Republicans it was time to hide under our beds and quiver because by some 12 million registered voters the Democrats had a huge edge over Republicans. This is a lie based on numbers picked out of the air.

Here are some voter registration numbers NOT picked out of the air but drown from public records dating back to 2016. THIS is how much good having a voter registration advantage did for Democrats in crucial states when America elected Donald Trump in 2016.

These states, where Democrats had an average lead of more than 10 points in registered voters, delivered 87 Electoral College Votes to President Trump. They provided the difference between an embarrassing defeat and a stunning victory.

In Florida where Democrats had a 40/36 voter advantage there are no state-wide Democrat officeholders save for Bill Nelson in the US Senate; just 11 of 27 US House Seats are held by Democrats and with the exception of one year since 1999 Florida’s government has been totally controlled by Republicans. Florida delivered 29 Electoral Colleges votes to Trump.

In Kentucky where Democrats had an eye popping 54/39 advantage, Republicans now control all three branches of state government; and both US Senators and 5 of the 6 House seats are held by Republicans. Kentucky delivered 8 Electoral Colleges votes to Trump.

In Louisiana where Democrats had a ridiculously huge 47/28 lead in registered voters, Republicans hold a 25/14 and 61/40 lead in the state’s Senate and Assembly respectively. Both US Senators and 5 of six House members from Louisiana are Republicans. Louisiana delivered 8 Electoral Colleges votes to Trump.

In North Carolina where Democrats had a strong 43/31 lead in registered voters, Republicans hold both US Senate seats 10 of 13 US House seats; and they control both the state’s Senate and Assembly. North Carolina delivered 15 Electoral Colleges votes to Trump.

In Oklahoma where Democrats enjoyed a 45/43 lead in registered voters, both US Senators and all US House seats are held by Republicans and every single county voted for Donald Trump. Oklahoma delivered 7 Electoral Colleges votes to Trump.

In Pennsylvania where Democrats led in voter registration by 50/37, one US Senator is a Republican and 10 of 18 US House seats are held by Republicans. In the Commonwealth’s Senate Republicans hold 34 of the 50 seats and 122 of the 203 Assembly seats. Pennsylvania delivered 20 Electoral Colleges votes to Trump.

BTW remember when news that a Democrat judge had okay-ed a Democrat redistricting plan hit and ALL the “experts” said that would cost the Republicans 6 House seats?

The latest boast is it will cost Republicans 3 seats now that the ink has faded on their headline. Maybe it won’t cost the Republicans any seats. This possibility is supported by data explained in the final section of this essay.

This “report” is a pure psychological warfare operation (psy-ops) being used by a desperate Democrat party that can see the curtain coming down in November.

The first and most obvious lie in this psy-ops is that anyone could, with even the vaguest chance of getting it nearly right, determine the number of legitimately registered voters in either party. This is for the very basic reason that nineteen states DO NOT list voters by party registration.

This means that 38% of our states that have 43% of our total population have not and cannot be added to any leftist “guessimate” of party registrations. This begs the question of how anyone can say he/she knows the number of registered voters while missing such huge portions of the total numbers? The answer of course is it can’t be done.

Contrary to the left’s scare tactic screeching, a review of registration patterns in states that do post party registration numbers shows Republican registration drives have done very well in several them.

Numbers developed by Dr. Larry Schweikart, a noted historian and best-selling author make this point. He prefaces his reports on voter registration numbers in various states by saying that in many states total voter registration is down because of ongoing purges by Secretaries of State which have led to the removal of ineligible voters’ names from voter rolls.

He reports that since March there have been no registration numbers posted for Arizona; but at that point Republicans were ahead in total registered voters by 17, 000 meaning that since November 2016 (Dr. Schweikart’s starting date) Arizona Republicans have built a 30,000 registered voter lead.

In Florida, while the reported numbers show a lead for Republicans of 110,000 in newly registered voters, he cautions that this could be a double count error.

N.B. While an error is possible there is some evidence to believe this number because of a strong Republican voter drive in a very very Republican tri-county area that contains a senior housing complex called The Villages. Since 2016 Democrats have lost at least 75,000 and maybe as many as 100,000 voters in Florida.

In Nevada, Republicans have steadily worked to register new voters since 2016 and increased their number by 31,000 keeping them close to Democrat additions. Both parties have gained registered voters recently, but Democrats have lost almost 100,000 registered voters since 2016.

North Carolina shows a Republican net + 76,000 with a gain of 3,000 last month.

Since 2016 Pennsylvania has been a voter registration disaster for Democrats where they have lost between 80,000 and 100,000 registered voters.

The truth is that with the huge numbers of fraudulent voters in California Illinois and New York, on paper the Democrats might have an advantage but what has it gotten them?

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