Friday, July 20, 2018

The Democrat civil war is over, The Crazies won; The Insanes are either hiding or changing sides

By Kevin Collins

Yesterday’s House vote on a nonbinding resolution to support ICE was an unmitigated disaster for the Democrat Party.

Just 18 voted to support ICE an insignificant handful voted NO and 130 completely disgraced themselves by voting “present.”

This resolution was a rare show of backbone by a usually supine Republican House leadership that has pushed the Democrats over a cliff in many districts.

Remember the recent Harvard Harris poll finding that found support for ICE at a 69/31 level. Many registered Democrats support ICE.

Speaker Paul Ryan set up a perfect “Heads Republicans win; tails Democrats lose” trap that the Democrats could not avoid falling head first into.

The Crazy Democrats hate ICE. They will work against any Democrat who doesn’t hate ICE. They will not be fooled by a “present” vote. Nor will actual Americans.

Very soon the Democrat Party, which has now descended into calling President Trump a traitor who should be arrested and impeached, will have to adopt “life boat ethics.” They will have to start diverting precious resources from wounded and 'likely to die' campaigns in order to try to save others in slightly better shape.

It’s all over for the Democrats.They have just had a civil war and lost to The Crazy Venezuelan wing of their despicable party.

The Insane Democrats, the ones who prefer to lie to get elected, will blame their coming crashing defeat in November on the Janus Decision. Let them.

The mid-term election is over. They lost.

The Janus Decision has ripped the heart out of the Democrat Party’s fund-raising HOPES, but there are more fundamental reasons why they will lose.

Janus had nothing to do with the ghastly fund-raising numbers Comrade Tom Perez and Keith Ellison el have been reporting for months.

Regardless of what the fake media tells us, money talks and bull S**t walks. The BIG money Republicans are getting shows big enthusiasm; and the pocket change the Democrats are getting shows a total absence of enthusiasm.

Nobody but Tom Steyer and George Soros is buying their platform of Socialism malicious hatred for America, Donald Trump and his supporters.

Despite fake polls to the contrary, the so called “Blue Wave” never was anything more than an underhanded trick by the DNC and the media to wring money out of the still butt sore far left.

The new boss of the Democrat Party is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez the 28-year-old Venezuelan style Democrat Socialist who beat the forth ranking Insane Democrat is a primary. She might as well be smoking a Cuban cigar to go with her Che Guevara shirt.

Now whether the remaining Insanes like it or not, Ocasio Cortez will dictate their platform which will be as follows:

All Democrats will stand for: No more corporate campaign contributions; Free college and trade school for all; free Medicare for all; no more prisons. “common sense” gun control (read Repeal of Second Amendment).

All Democrat candidates will be for allowing men to use lady’s rooms next to little girls; without hesitation they must defend giving over one hundred and fifty billions dollars to Iran to cover Barack Obama's treason.

All Democrats must now be against coal production.

All Democrats must be for disbanding ICE and opening our borders to the world. That horse is now out of the barn.

All Democrats must demand bigger and bigger government.

All Democrats must now support disrespecting God; disrespecting human life; disrespect of our military; and disrespecting our police and first responder.

All Democrats must now support repealing Trump’s Tax Cuts.

All Democrats must be in favor of paying slavery reparations to Black Americans.

All Democrats must deny the exceptionalism of America.

The DNC created this problem. The underhanded stunts they used to cheat Comrade Bernie Sanders out of the Democrat nomination for president gave rise to The Crazy Democrat wing of their loathsome Party. Now The Crazies, fueled by the delusion that Sanders could have beaten Trump want blood. They run things now and The Insanes have just two choices.

They can hide under their desks (and vote present) which will only work in the deepest Blue parts of the country; or they can join The Crazies and spout their suicidal lunacy.

Not even the old favorite “I can work across the aisle” heretofore used exclusively by pandering Republicans will work.

The Crazies don’t want any talking to Republicans. They want only strict adherents to THEIR positions; impeaching Trump and making America Venezuela PERIOD.

When Trump announced his nomination of Judge Bret Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court the Democrat Screech Monkeys started to howl, and they will continue howling for the entire summer reminding America who they are and that they value murdering babies over the values we hold.

They will show America why they must never be allowed to rule our lives again.

This election is over. Not only will the Democrats not take enough seats to control the Congress, they will lose seats and come out smaller and less relevant than they have been in 100 years.

It was brief and bloody, but the Democrat civil war is over, and we won because The Crazies defeated The Insanes. Bless their hearts.

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