Wednesday, July 18, 2018

My God, No Wonder the Brits are in Such Trouble

Taken in Great Britain, this picture of freaks, perverts, outcasts and assorted losers was emailed to me by H. Gregory Badger.

London resident Kevin O’Neil added the following:

"Some of them dressed as 'women' are 'men' and vice versa. They don't know who they are, where they come from or where they're going.

As for the little party Balloon, it was touted as a blimp (virtually a zeppelin) but that's the best they could manage.  The publicity said that it would fly over Parliament, they managed to raise it 40 feet and it couldn't be seen unless you were in Parliament Square from which it was floated.  The immediate crowd around it was  few hundred, partly composed of curious tourists.

This is a scene out of one of those Sci-fi B movies depicting a post-nuclear world of mutants.  The people in your picture will all be dead within a short while and what was it all for?  What did their lives amount to? Singly, not in a group, they shall stand before G-d." 

Ed. Remember, the courageous Brits withstood Hitler's V2 rocket attacks as thousands were killed in London. For centuries, the people of this extraordinary island swept the seas and colonized the world. But today, traitors in political office have betrayed the British people to Muslims and all manner of perverts and sub-human trash. And the tragedy--the DISGRACE-- is, the British people have allowed it to happen.

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