Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Listen! That swooshing sound you hear is the Democrats Mid-term “issues” flying out the window

By Kevin Collins

It has taken until the last week of July for the Democrats to finally settle on a Mid Term election slogan, “For The People.”

Those who have spent even an hour in Florida (where Debbie Wasserman Schultz lives) know this is the tagline used by an ambulance chasing law firm.

Last spring the CEO, who was formerly a BIG Democrat donor, announced he would not give Democrats a dime this cycle. Apparently, in true Democrat fashion they decided to just lift his tagline.

Now that Democrats have their winning slogan (What happened to, “A Better Deal”?) what do they campaign on besides hatred of Donald Trump and his supporters?

Socialism is disapproved by 3 to 1(Rasmussen poll).

Shut down ICE? No that won’t work, 69% support ICE and besides another 60% want a wall (both from Harvard Harris Poll).

Well there is always the economy; right? No, that won’t work either.

A newly released Gallup poll shows that every “issue” Democrats think is an “issue” is only an “issue” to them and means nothing to voters.

Gallup asked respondents to name the problems they saw in the country. There were no predetermined choices only blanks for respondents to fill in.

The answers provide the swooshing sound heretofore mentioned.

“Problems with the economy” fell 6 points from 20 to 14 in just the last three months meaning Trump’s Tax Cuts are being welcomed by Americans.

This indicates that our economy is seen as either very good, good or satisfactory by 86% of Americans.

“Problems with unemployment” fell to 2 points in the same period as record lows for unemployment in every demographic have been set since May.

Remember the Democrats’ melodrama over immigration and families? We don’t care. “Problems with immigration” as an issue fell by 12 points from 22 points to 10 points since May.

“The country has poor leadership” a direct attack on President Trump, dropped 6 points as an issue to 19 points since January.

And what about “Healthcare?” The Democrats can always find someone who will complain about health care right” Not really. In the last three months concerns over healthcare fell to 3%.

Remember how the children were going to remake our world starting with disarming us for our own good?

Their gun-control plans are flat on their back. Seriously so. Since March, when the “issue” of gun control was on fire and 13 percent of respondents mentioned it, the “issue” has fallen in national concern to just 2 points.

Have a great time in Democrat indoctrination summer camp kids because the real world waits for you in November.

Abortion is no longer an issue Democrats can use to scare women. Just 1 percent of Gallup’s respondents said in was an issue.

And what of Gay Rights, Algore’s Climate Change hoax, Impeaching President Trump and Russia Russia Russia? They all scored ZERO NADA ZILTCH.

I have flatly predicted the Mid-terms will be a disaster for Democrats and that they would not only not win enough seats to retake either the House or the Senate but they will lose a serious number of seats in each chamber. I stand by that prediction.

Those who say otherwise have the burden of proving their bogyman “voter fraud” will make Democrats big winners in November. Running on “issues” that aren’t issues is a road to disaster.

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