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The Full Story on the AMA’s Recommended Gun Grab

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The mainstream media and the Democratic Party have found a gun-grabbing ally in the American Medical Association (AMA). The AMA made headlines this month when it endorsed a string of draconian gun control measures that could have been drafted (in fact, they probably were) with the help of liberal Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York.
But then, law-abiding gun owners kill FAR fewer people than doctors!!

The reason behind the AMA’s bizarre anti-gun pitch is, of course, “for the children.” The mainstream media holds up the AMA endorsement of gun control as irrefutable evidence that all of you gun owners out there are bad people, unworthy of living in a civilized society. But as usual, the media is only telling half of the story.

First, here is what the AMA is asking for in its “modest” call for gun control:
  • Universal Gun Registration: People tend to forget that a federal gun registry of all privately-owned firearms is specifically against federal law. A universal registry has been banned for many years, specifically because of fears of how governments throughout history have used those registrations to go find the guns when they want to take them away.
  • Banning Under-21 Sales & Ownership: We’ve covered this horrific measure here previously. Sure, you may be old enough to vote or to join the military, but to own a gun? No, you’re not mature enough for that in the eyes of the AMA.
  • Banning and Confiscating “High Capacity Magazines”: Aside from the fact that the AMA wants this to happen, “high capacity magazines” are not defined in the proposal. Would those be 30-round magazines, 10-round magazines, 7-round magazines? What’s the number? The AMA left that proposal deliberately vague.
  • Banning and Confiscating “Armor Piercing Bullets”: This is another deliberately vague proposal. Any rifle caliber larger than a .22 can pierce a law enforcement Kevlar vest, so this could effectively be interpreted as a ban on most hunting and sport ammunition in America.
  • Banning All “Assault-Type Weapons”: Really? So now we’ve graduated from “assault weapons” to “assault-type weapons?” In addition to being deliberately vague, let’s add even more personal subjectivity into the mix! Perhaps the gun-grabbers will be completely open and honest one of these days and just come out and say it: They want to take away all semiautomatic firearms.
  • Power to Report “Dangerous” Gun Owners to Authorities: The AMA wants to give doctors, family members, household members, intimate partners and others the power to appeal to a court to strip the gun rights away from anyone. This is similar to New York’s latest proposal to give public school teachers the authority to petition a court and take guns away from the families of rambunctious boys.
Doctors with the AMA are even encouraging Congress to declare gun violence, which has been declining in recent years, to be a “public health crisis.” This is akin to declaring gun ownership to be a disease.

One big problem with this is that when some people hear the American Medical Association’s appeal to its own authority, they lend it some credence. Here’s the part of the story that the media is not telling you.

The AMA has become so infested with politics that a majority of physicians have no interest in belonging to it any longer. In fact, the AMA only represents about 25 percent of all doctors in the United States. You may be concerned that your doctor is a gun-grabbing zealot, but there’s at least a 75-percent chance that he or she doesn’t belong to the AMA.

The group known as “Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership” announced that many physicians are Second Amendment supporters and do not give the AMA’s political grandstanding any credence. Didn’t see that on the news, did you?

While the American Medical Association claims to represent all doctors in the United States, the reality is the opposite. Doctors have been leaving the AMA in droves ever since the organization came out in support of Obamacare. (As one example, the Direct Primary Care model of private practices has been growing at a rate of 25 percent per year since 2010, wherein doctors eliminate health insurance companies and Obamacare completely from their business model.)

Those are some facts you can share with anyone who tries to pull the “Doctors claim…” stunt in an argument about gun control. And on the off-chance that your doctor is a member of the AMA and starts asking you whether you have any firearms in your home, the solution is very simple. Lie to him.

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