Sunday, June 17, 2018

SPLC Exposes Epidemic of Nonexistent White on Black Violence

Ed. The Southern Poverty Law Center is perhaps the most despicable amalgamation of liars and phonies in the United States. The frauds perpetrated by other left-wing outfits pale in comparison to the silliness-offered-as-fact by SPLC Founder Morris Dees, a prince among grifters and Clinton-style money grubbers.

In 2017, the SPLC “Hate Tracker” followed  #Merry Christmas, linking the terms usage to dangerous, far-right communities. The SPLC discovered that the term was repeated very often during the Christmas season. Oh, the Shock and Horror!

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on June 16th

Much to the relief of news directors everywhere, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) released this week its long-awaited report about the Biggest Lie that the baddest people believe: The myth of black on white crime.

The real problem is white on black violence, says the SPLC in its new fairy tale called “Hate: The Biggest Lie.” And this white on black crime has been going on for a long time, doing a lot of damage, including from killers like Dylan Roof.

And besides, says the report at great length, Roof is merely the intellectual love child of other really really bad people like William Shockey and Jared Taylor whose work includes the unanswerable -- even unaskable -- questions: What’s up with all this black violent crime? And why is black on white crime so wildly out of proportion?

And what would happen to the real numbers for black crime look if we eliminated witness intimidation, stitches for snitches, and the self-fulfilling prophecy of getting rid of the cradle to prison pipeline because there are too many black people in prison for no reason whatsoever? (Spoiler Alert: They would go from very very bad, to ridiculously bad.)

And how do so many people get away with blaming all this black criminal dysfunction on other people?

The SPLC cares desperately about these questions: That is why they work so hard to make sure no one is allowed to ask them.

What a long and transparent list this is:

In Chicago, this year’s sport is riding the subway to that city’s nicest neighborhoods and attacking white people. Local news calls the hundreds of black perps “teens” and pretend there are no dots to connect.

Cops at the Second City Blog site don’t have problem saying what they see on the streets -- but never in Chicago’s legacy media: Black crime is out of control and spreading.

It's not hard to find similar violence and denial in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Brooklyn, New Orleans, and hundreds of other Chocolate Cities. And let’s not forget Des Moines (Beat Whitey Night!), Cedar Rapids, Omaha, Springfield, (Missouri or Illinois or Ohio, it does not matter), and lots of other cities in the Heartland where people used to think they were safe to the point of boredom. Not anymore.

Now they wonder what happened to their once peaceful towns. And why so many people pretend black crime is not ruining yet another city. And why they have to go along with this delusion.

As long as SPLC keeps reassuring them, news directors will keep ignoring increasingly insistent emails from more and more viewers asking the same question: How can you be in such denial, deceit, and delusion about the pattern of black crime and violence we see on your channel every night?

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Ed. HeyJackass Chicago reported the homicide stats for 2017. The race of Victims/Assailants is as follows: 

Black Victims-527; Black assailants-65 

White Victims-20; White Assailants-3

Clearly, White on Black crime is out of control.

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