Thursday, June 28, 2018

Saving our life: Why conservatives must show up in November

By Kevin Collins

The stunning successes of our President Donald J. Trump have driven the left to a collective psychotic episode. The president’s Supreme Court victory over the left on the issue of his travel ban is more salt in their wounds.

They are beginning to fully grasp the immense damage Trump is inflecting on their depraved lifestyles and it has made them desperate for a way to strike back. Consider this: At my gym recently, a leftist speaking to another leftist said, “I wish there was a way I could kill Trump and get away with it.” His comrade relied, “Maybe there is,” and they both laughed.

The key element here is “...and get away with it.” Fortunately, the main obstacle for these would-be assassins is “getting away with it.” It is a good thing that, at this point and for now, the would- be assassins who are possibly smart enough to try to kill President Trump are smart enough to understand it would lead to their own death which is a trade they are not ready to make just yet.

That leaves us with the drooling half- wit leftists who believe Trump is Hitler and those of us who voted for him and support Trump are his Brown Shirts. Even these simpletons realize they cannot get close enough to our President to harm him; but for them physically attacking a MAGA hat wearer is not a big stretch.

The totally panicked Democrat Party has ceded its leadership positions to a gay teenage opportunist from Florida, a stripper from Skid Row, and washed up Hollywood has beens. Nevertheless, the worst instigator of the pending physical attacks on us is Maxine Waters, the queen lunatic from California, who is openly calling for face to face confrontations with Trump Administration officials. Are Democrat physical attacks on identifiable Trump supporters walking alone so hard to envision? We’ve seen these cowardly attacks before in California and Chicago during the 2016 campaign.

There is no calming voice to tell the crazy Democrat rank and file when enough is enough because elected Democrats are in full agreement with their raging hatred and will do nothing to stop it.

How long can using the words “Hitler” and “Nazis” to describe Trump and us, provide them the adrenal rush of pure hatred these lunatics crave? How long will it be before just name calling no longer gives them even a momentary jolt? This becomes an even more crucial question in light of the fact that calling us Nazis and Trump Hitler has only made us stronger supporters of the President.

Feeding a “hate Jones” is just as all-consuming as feeding a heroin habit. There comes a point where the addict NEEDS more and MORE to get the same basic rush. There comes a time when the money they get from hocking mom’s wedding ring and burglarizing a neighbor’s garage just doesn’t buy the good stuff they crave and must have to get through a day. When that time comes some addicts will find a gun and begin prowling the streets for innocent easy targets.

The Democrats have enough lunatics in their ranks to make this scenario a very real possibility when the quest for heroin is replaced by a craving for a hate “high.” Remember the vicious Democrat lunatic who shot Steve Scalise.

If by some chance these hate addicts were to win in back their power over us their hatred for us would not stop. To the contrary, they would use their power to make Lois Lerner’s IRS persecution of the Tea Party look like friendly advice. Stores would be gay friendly or by closed; Churches would be forced to preform gay “marriages” or be closed (and Catholics please don’t fool yourself into believing your Church is too big for them to do it to you). Schools would be forced to teach Islam because “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and besides Democrats hate ALL religion as gibberish anyway.

There would be no borders and those whom the state does not like would be tossed out of their homes to make room for new Democrat voters as is being done in Eurostan every day.

So I say to my fellow conservatives think carefully about staying home to make some useless point about your discontent with something disgusting this Republican or that Republican has done. We have just a single vote edge on the Court. This is a battle for our lives.

If the Democrats take control of your life you won’t even have time to remember what offended you: You will be too busy ducking incoming every day.

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