Sunday, June 24, 2018

Republican political strategist Roger Stone predicts “mass bloodshed” if Donald Trump is removed from office by the radical left

by Suzanne Eovaldi

Warnings of mass bloodshed and the most lethal infighting since the Civil War are now ramping up as web chatter points to observations by two important political observers concerning possible dark times ahead!  

"There will be mass bloodshed in this country-violence… if there is an illegitimate attempt to remove Donald Trump from office,” said political strategist Roger Stone to youtube reporter David Zubick. “The American people will not stand for it…they are fed up!”
Roger Stone

"I do not advocate violence…this is not a threat, (but) an analysis," Stone continued. But the Republican strategist also does not back down from his warnings to "watch it" to the media and Deep State.  Stone's recent trip to NV was a wakeup call. "I met with 400 ranchers, all armed, ready to go to Washington!" "If an attempt to remove a duly elected President (is made) with a BOGUS investigation, violence will result."

During his June 20th program, Rush Limbaugh told his radio listeners that 'somebody's gonna get killed.  I think we're pretty close…" The long-time conservative emphasized the danger in the media's constant drumbeat of manufactured crises.  "The aim is to take down Trump," Rush said. He points out that every week the media trots out a "news" hook aimed to drive down the popular President's public opinion ratings.  "The media's fanning the flames.  If the media keeps this up, if they keep up generating this hysteria," the radio host continues, "I'm genuinely worried about the out of control aspect of this." Their tactics did not work in Duluth where Trump's latest raucous rally was attended by 9k with another 10,000k unable to get inside.  And Trump lost MN!

"You're going to have a Civil War in this country," Stone says in another interview, as reported by Keith F. Koffler at WhatFingerNews. "Violence could happen." 

Very revealing gun ownership data and article graphics show the "Largest Standing Army Not What You'd Expect."  In a mere three month period Americans purchased 3, 177, 256k guns when former President Obama was in office for the year 2015.  "The Chinese Army Active Frontline Personnel comes in at 844,256k lower with a 2,333,000k figure.  "The Russian Army Active Frontline Personnel is at 760,555."

And three years later, we still don't know just how many guns Americans own.  There are anecdotal comments by a FReeper who recently said that the state of WI issued 600,000k hunting permits and that another 750,000k permits are held in PA, MI, WV and a fourth state.  An Ammoland commenter reminds readers of the really "big guns" of the military, namely artillery, mortars, RPGs, tanks, war planes, naval ships, etc"  Yet another thread poster says "there must be better coordination among the thousand (sic) of 'Militias' out there." Problems the thread discussed include limitations of ammo allowed the hunters and this chilling statement, "And we don't know how many of our military would side with those of us when SHTF."  An answer comes back that the military oath never goes away and is an oath our soldiers take to protect our Constitution, not politicians, political employees and operatives.

Another graphic at the AmmoLand link shows circles of hunter permits on a map of the US, the lower 48.  WI clearly comes in with the highest number of registered gun permits, with TX, PA, OH, NY, and MA showing large circles of ownership data.  Interestingly, deep blue IL has more guns than its very Red neighbor, IN, which, of course, is a much smaller state.  Not mentioned for discussion is the state of Alaska where residents need guns to literally survive in their rugged state. Would government largess up there keep some hunters out of the lower 48's battles with the Deep State?  Doubtful is Hawaii's stake in all of this.

One comment pretty well sums up the themes of Patriots who are fed up with the Mueller probe, the abject corruption in Washington, D.C., the black hole that the DOJ/FBI is becoming and last, but no less least, with the American media.  Instead of informing the public about our amazing turn-around in job growth and low unemployment records, the many reforms in government, the promises made-promises kept profile of President Trump, the corporate media hammers him every week with another hair on fire story.  In fact, the Tampa Bay Times ran A1 a feature about an area doctor who "came out," told his wife and family about his new life and now who flies to NYC with his partner to enjoy his new love, that of theatre productions.  The enormous accomplishment of President Trump with the successful North Korean accord stopping nuclear proliferation ran 3A below the fold of a half page ad for "Drive Baked, Get Busted."  How's that for stellar newspaper print topography (page makeup)?
Fear the government that doesn't trust its citizens with guns

Rush tells his listeners that this immigration crisis has been ongoing for ten years.  The cages picture was taken during the Obama years.  Of course, the "Russians Did It" meme is running out of media gas baggery, and Rush said Stormy is dancing in the Cape's river area. Just imagine how the media would treat any Republican who would have made such remarks about the Obama daughters as did Peter Fonda this week.  Another Democrat activist threatened Rep. Brian Mast's children; Rep. Scalise was severely injured in a rage shooting on a baseball field; DHS Secretary Nielsen was harassed out of dinner with her husband at a Mexican restaurant just steps from the Capitol.  A DOJ employee now is under fire for tweeting out the Secretary's location.  Just imagine such egregious antics continually hounding Obama or Hillary Clinton. The cruel remarks made by Tina Fey about Governor Sarah Palin were topped recently by filthy comments hurled at Ivanka Trump, the President's daughter. While our First Lady was hospitalized, snarky suggestions about marital discord started to make the rounds. What kind of professional journalist would attend, let alone sit quietly, laughingly, in the audience at the Correspondents' Dinner as a far left comedian hurls pathetic and hurtful remarks at our duly elected President?  Shouts, screams, outrageous behavior are the denominator of America's out of control media.

"Now that GOD has given us what we need to remain free people-The Constitution and the Bill of Rights- we must guard those documents and the principles therein with our very lives," says the AmmoLand commenter known as Gary.


  1. Rush is right. This blinding, Satanic anger from the Left has been building for some time. The election of Donald Trump as President (Thank you GOD) has driven the left over the edge. Unless something very powerful, like jail time, is not done soon, the Left's anger will boil over and then it's 'Katy, bar the door' time.

    1. @Anonymous,

      Do you ever remember seeing the left display the lunacy and outright hatred they have shown for Donald Trump? Bush received a world of contempt (and not defending himself didn't help his cause). But nothing like Trump. These people have just gone 'round the bend!

      Can you imagine what would have taken place if leftists had succeeded in disarming the American public? Any reservations they may have had about literally staging an armed coup d'etat would have been tossed right out the window. The ONLY thing which prevents the Schumers of the world becoming out and out Dictators is the heavily armed American public. I'm convinced of it.