Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Despite a few small victories in their civil war against the Crazies, the Insane Democrats blinked

By Kevin Collins

While California Democrats were breathing a sigh of relief at not having their latest scheme to defraud Republican voters completely blow up in their face, they nonetheless blinked in their war with the far left socialists.
Just a very SMALL sampling!

In the Democrat civil war the sides are The Insanes and The Crazies. The Crazies want to burn the entire country down and think because they believe everyone hates Donald Trump as much as they do the rest of us will help them. They think the nation will rally around hatred for Trump and elect them to repeal the Second Amendment, repeal Trump’s tax cuts, impeach Trump, totally erase our borders and steal White Christians’ money to pay off Black voters. The Crazies will only support candidates who screech out loud that they are for this platform.

The Insanes want all of these things as well but they want to lie to votes - recall Pelosi’s, “We have to pass Obamacare to see what it is in it,” trick.

Thus far The Crazies have been winning more than they have been losing. Nevertheless, when the dust settled after last week’s primaries The Insanes had something to cheer about. In New Jersey they were able to fend off The Crazies and set up four of their House candidates to try to lie their way to victory.

Unfortunately for The Insanes, the DNC is run by a seriously incompetent duo comprised of Tom Perez who could not run a dog walking service and Keith Ellison a Muslim Congressman who doesn’t even try to hide his hatred for America.

Last Saturday these two bozos made a huge unforced error.

In their panic over the news from the California front, they decided that NOW in June 2018 they should change the rule about who can run for president as a Democrat in 2020. They made this change in a clear slap at Comrade Bernie Sanders the spiritual leader of The Crazies. The Comrade is a fake Independent and not a registered Democrat.

The Insanes seem to have learned nothing from the disastrous result they suffered after getting caught cheating Comrade Bernie out of their presidential nomination. Enough of his Crazy followers stayed home or voted for the grafter Jill Stein to tip the election to Trump.

It will take a while for the young and sometimes drug addled Crazies to recognize this major slight but they will certainly catch on before November. When they do a portion of them will stay home to punish The Insanes for their treachery.

They will be just another reason why the Democrats will lose seats in the House and Senate.

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