Saturday, June 16, 2018

Dershowitz Explodes On MSNBC: Locking Up Manafort Before A Trial Is ‘So Obnoxious To Our Constitution’

The following article appeared in The Daily Caller on June 15th

By Justin Caruso

Alan Dershowitz went off on MSNBC Friday, saying that the idea of locking up Paul Manafort without trial to be “so obnoxious to our Constitution.”
Alan Dershowitz. Video HERE

He has never been convicted of anything. He is as innocent as you and I. And the idea of locking somebody up before a trial is so obnoxious to our Constitution that every civil libertarian should be up in arms. What they can do if they think that he’s tampering with witnesses is: they can subject him to home arrest, take away his computer … they can have all kinds of restrictions, but the idea of putting somebody in jail before they’ve been convicted is an enactment of civil liberties” he said.

Dershowitz, who was often thought of as liberal, has recently become a defender of President Trump in the media over the Russia investigation.

Dershowitz has previously said, “A lot of people–a lot of my friends and relatives are furious at me because they want to get Trump, and I’m in their way, I’m standing in the way by of getting Trump by raising Article Two issues, civil liberties issues, civil rights issues.”

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