Friday, June 29, 2018

Another big night for The Crazies over The Insanes in Democrat civil war

By Kevin Collins

This week New York State saw two more primary victories for The Crazy Democrats over The Insane Democrats in the Democrat civil war. While both victories were important steps forward for the end of the Democrats’ dreams of controlling and destroying America, the defeat of the 4th ranking House Democrat Joe Crowley of Queens New York City is a devastating blow. Crowley lost to a Latina socialist Crazy whose name isn’t important.
The Democrat Crazies

This is a huge kick in the teeth for Nancy Pelosi who backed Crowley and wanted him to succeed her as Speaker when she was ready to give it up. The Latina is 28 years old and will be one of the youngest Representatives in the next Congress. Because the district is ridiculously infested with Democrats this was the election and November will be a formality.

What is important is that she will make all the demands that will lead to the destruction of the Democrats dream of empire. She will demand Trump be impeached, taxes be raised, and borders be erased. All other Democrats will HAVE to answer if they are for or against these positions.

That will be a “tails they lose, heads we win” situation whereby supporting these things will get them defeated by us and being against these positions will get them defeated by The Crazies who will not show up to vote for them or any other Democrat on the ballot.

Other primaries around the country showed The Crazies growing in power but not in electability. Here’s the rundown on them from the Democrat “genius” Nate Silver:

In Brooklyn, long time Democrat incumbent Yvette Clarke had a close call but survived. That is the extent of the good news in New York State for Democrats. In the upstate 24th CD a hand picked Insane candidate was beaten by a Crazy. In Maryland a Bernie Sanders Crazy, Ben Jealous won the Democrat primary “… for Maryland governor, 40 percent to 29 percent, over his establishment-backed opponent.” The aptly named Ben Jealous will be running against incumbent Governor Larry Hogan, a fairly popular Republican.

When Jealous starts spouting Comrade Bernie’s socialist crap he will drag down the Democrats in Maryland and open an opportunity for a Republican pick up in Maryland’s 6th CD which was lost a few cycles back when Dan Bongino lost by less than 2 points.

Since the start of the primary season, of course The Insanes have won more primaries than The Crazies, but so what? Enough Crazies have won so that now every Insane Democrat (all who are not Crazies ARE Insanes) will HAVE to answer for the positions the Crazies are taking.

There was a Trump effect in this last primary.

The strength of President Trump’s coattails and influence on elections was established as bigger than any president’s in memory. In the South Carolina Republican Gubernatorial primary incumbent Henry McMaster, an early and strong supporter of Trump, won by seven points. The small margin makes it easy to believe that had Trump not rallied with McMaster on the night before the election he very well could have lost.

In Staten Island, New York City’s only Republican Congressional primary saw Trump endorse incumbent Dan Donovan earlier this month. At that time Donovan was down 10 points. When the votes were counted three weeks later Trump’s backing had resulted a 28-point swing and a blow out Donovan victory.

The importance of Trump’s influence in Staten Island, where most of this district is situated, cannot be shrugged away as “Oh well that’s Staten Island and it’s loaded with yahoos…”

The demographics of the 11th District of New York are very compatible with those of many many districts across the country. In 2017’s New York City mayoral election, while she was getting buried in the rest of the City, the Republicans candidate won a double-digit victory on Staten Island. She was a Trump supporter. On the same day in a City Council election, a Republican who was Trump’s New York City campaign co-chairman won unopposed.

Whether the “experts” in the Democrat or Republican Parties want to admit it or not what people are thinking when they step into a polling booth in Staten Island is very similar to what people are thinking across the country.

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