Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The split among the insane Democrats and the Crazy Democrats begins to surface

By Kevin Collins

The 800 pound gorilla in the Democrats’ tent is a stirring and growing monster.

The beast is causing a split between the Insane Democrats and the Crazy Democrats. The Insane crowd may be insane but they are not stupid; the Crazy Democrats are both crazy and stupid. Therein lies the problem for the Insane Democrats’ Blue Wave that the media keeps telling us will sweep the Democrats back into power in November.

Those who have been honest observers of the Democrats in recent months have seen them swallow the phony polls that made them feel good. Democrats told themselves “We hate Donald Trump, the whole country hates Trump and we will ride this hatred for Trump to victory in November.”

They were blinded to the fact that the same people who told them over and over again that Hillary Clinton had anywhere from a 95% to a 100% chance of beating Trump were feeding them generic surveys showing them leading Republicans in the race for control of Congress by as much as twenty points.

When that lead began to shrink, the Insane Democrats began to dial down their expectations and do sober examinations of what they had to offer voters to make them see the benefit of a Democrat run Congress.

Being Insane Democrats they have started to talk about what they have always talked about when they ran with a demographic edge and an influential media on their side. They talk about “saving Social Security and Medicaid.” They talk about “saving the middle class and making things fair.” Of course this means “saving” these programs from the “evil” Donald Trump’s Party.

What these Insane Democrats don’t talk about, but want every bit as much as the Crazy Democrats do, is repealing the Second Amendment; repealing Trump’s tax cuts; impeaching Trump and forcing White Christians to pay slavery reparations to Blacks so the Democrats can use the money to buy Black votes. The Crazy Democrats demand their party talk about these goals out loud and support candidates who run on this platform. The Insane Democrats don’t want to talk about their true goals.
They know talking about these goals is a certain road to defeat.

This is where the split rests and where it will grow.

Recently, Steny Hoyer, a leader of the Insane Democrats, (aka Don Steny the consigliere of the Pelosi Crime Family) told Levi Tillemann, a Crazy Democrat candidate running in a primary to face a “vulnerable” Republican in Colorado’s 6th CD, he has to get out of the race.

Don Steny made this visit to Tillemann because the Insane Democrats have a “We can fool them with this guy” candidate whom they are sure people will believe when he tells them he doesn’t want to take their guns, loves the tax cuts; and says, “Heavens no! I don’t want to impeach Trump.” The Insane Democrats know that in primaries Crazy Democrats usually out vote them and they don’t want to get stuck with Tillemann.
There's a happy guy!

Don Steny’s “message” should have been a simple, “Here’s an offer you can’t refuse,” affair. He should have leaned into Tillemann’s face and threatened him if he refused to get out of the race. It should have gone that way but it didn’t. Hoyer trusted that his lofty position would make Tillemann yield; but he didn’t.

Someone on Tillemann’s side recorded Don Steny’s threatening conversation and that recording has gone viral. This is causing an angry response from the Crazy Democrat camp.

Now the furious Crazies want Don Steny to resign. They remember 2016 when the Insanes cheated their candidate, Comrade Bernie Sanders, out of the Democrat nomination for president and the Insane Democrat lost.

The recording is a perfect storm for the Insane Democrats to drown in. It has Tillemann and Hoyer in this exchange:

Tillemann asks, “So your position is a decision was made very early on before voters had a say, that’s fine because the DCCC knows better than the voters of the 6th Congressional District, and we should line up behind that candidate?”

Hoyer responds, “That’s certainly a consequence of our decision.”
Levi Tillemann

Now Mister Tillemann (bless his Crazy Democrat heart) is saying, “Washington insiders… were trying to protect their interests….They are pumping money for its candidates who are going to fight for corporations and Wall Street and the establishment.” The Crazies hate all of this.

Another spokesperson for the Crazies, Charles Chamberlain, the executive director of Democracy for America (such a wonderfully deceptive name!) made this very telling comment: “We saw what happens when Democratic Party leaders put their fingers on the scale in primaries in 2006 through 2016, when we lost nearly 1,000 elected offices up and down the ballot.”

Hopefully what Mister Chamberlain lacks in accuracy he will make up in zeal.

The Crazies say so far in the 2018 election season, the Insanes have intervened in races in Texas, Kansas, California, New Jersey and Wisconsin. A report out today says New York can be added to this list. This is something we never hear about from the “Blue Wave” crowd.

The Crazies say “after the DCCC attempted to pick a candidate in a heated Texas congressional primary last month, the liberal groups’ choice, Laura Moser, saw a surge of fundraising and managed to reach a May 22 runoff for the party’s nomination.”

This war with the Crazies is not going well for the Insane side.

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