Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The President’s Bible

Hat Tip: Suzanne Eovaldi

"In little over a year, a hundred thousand people had made a new commitment to Jesus Christ," reports the British Broadcasting Company ( bbc) in its coverage of the Great Welsh Revival  of 1904 and 1905. Little did two elderly sisters who were attending Revival services know  how their gift to their young niece  would be making such a great impact on America today.

Here is the story as told in the newsletter of the Heritage Baptist College in Franklin, IN.

"I heard a great story from Clarence Sexton at the National Capitol Connection Revival Conference in Washington, D.C.   Seems the Great Welsh Revival was the outcome of two elderly sisters who began praying for revival in Wales.  As they prayed others were drawn to pray for revival until hundreds were praying. God moved upon the heart of Evangelist Robert Woods and Andrew McClaren to go to Wales.  Thousands were brought into the kingdom  of heaven.  The sisters kept a Bible used in the revival preaching and gave it to their niece Mary Ann McCloud who immigrated to America.  She became a naturalized citizen, found work as a domestic, and eventually, married Fred.  They had a very prosperous life and were blessed with four children.  She gave that old Bible to her eldest son.  Today that Bible sits on his desk in the office of the President of the United States, Donald Trump.  This story is not about President Trump's being a Christian.  It's about the influence of prayer from the great revival still going on. As told by Brother Rick Stone."

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