Wednesday, May 16, 2018

In the war to control the Democrat Party, The Crazies have an All Star team

by Kevin Collins

This is an update on the Democrats’ civil war.

As the campaign for control of the House and Senate begins to heat up, a civil war is being fought in the Democrat Party. On one side are The Insane Democrats. They hold the incumbents’ seats now and want to increase their numbers to allow them to take over both chambers of the Congress.
Pitchers jess fer u Dems

The Insane Democrats are the ones we see on television lying about not wanting to repeal the Second Amendment or reverse President Donald Trump’s tax cuts. They work to tamp down talk of impeaching Trump; use code phrases like “comprehensive immigration reform” if they talk about the subject at all; and they never talk about slavery reparations which would necessarily have to be wrung out of the household economies of White Christian Americans. They know lying is the only way they can get elected.

On the other side are The Crazy Democrats who are so driven by hatred for President Trump, and by extension conservative Republicans, that they are blind to the need to lie to voters to get the power they too crave. This is a very good thing.

Even at this early stage The Crazies have lined up an All Star cast of radical Trump haters they are falling in behind as they embark on their “Long March.”

The Crazies’ inspirational leader and Secretary of Wealth Redistribution is of course Comrade Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the team looks like a formidable one for The Insane Democrats to overcome.

Remember as laughable as it sounds The Crazies hate Trump so much they think the rest of the country does as well so they believe they just have to flesh out their Trump hating platform to pull in various voting blocs to win back control of Congress.

The Crazies have David Hogg to develop their gun control policies and manage Democrats’ efforts to repeal the Second Amendment. Keith Ellison is guiding their open borders/amnesty policies; Tom Steyer is bankrolling Maxine Waters’ demands for impeachment of President Trump. Joe Crowley a New York City Congressman is leading The Crazy Democrats’ push to repeal Trump’s tax cuts.

Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal, a rising star in The Crazy Democrats’ world since she posted a Facebook comment hoping for President Trump to be murdered, is The Crazies’ Minister of Punishing White People. As MPWP she will to take the point on wringing slavery reparations out of White Christians.

The central hallmark of The Crazy Democrats is that they believe they can “take to the streets” to scare voters into supporting them and scare Democrat candidates into saying what they want them to say out loud. They don’t want to hear code language.

At a recent town hall moderated by Comrade Steyer, designed to stir up grass roots Crazies, one of his assembled mob stood up to say Trump is Hitler and the rest of the Crazies cheered. This too is a very good thing. We need The Crazies to keep the pressure on The Insanes to move further to the left until they crash at the bottom of a political cliff on Election Night.

The Crazies are entering and disrupting Democrat primaries around the country and appealing to local Crazies to join their “scorched earth” tactic of “if we can’t have it you can’t have it either,” as a way to destroy The Insane Democrats they see as not being crazy enough.

A Crazy running in a primary in New Mexico has decided to prove how much he hates the NRA and Second Amendment by posting an ad in which he says “F%^k the NRA” insisting the NRA is guilty of policies that have killed children mothers and fathers.

He finishes by saying “If Congress won’t change our gun laws, we’re changing Congress.” This would make a great Crazy Democrat campaign slogan. It’s the stuff huge backlash tidal wave defeats are made of.

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