Monday, May 7, 2018

Ben Rhodes gets a taste of his own medicine

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on May 6th

The Iran deal, (and for that matter, the Cuba deal), make so little sense for America's interests that one might wonder if former White House Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, and Vice President Joe Biden's National Security Advisor Colin Kahl and other deep staters who have consistently worked to undermine the Trump administration yet loudly defend such deals, might just be personally benefitting from it.
Ben Rhodes; a true sleeze

Well, are they? Do tell.

So, someone in the Trumpsters' camp  reportedly sicced an Israeli opposition research outfit on them to find out. No idea what they found, but the whole quest seems to be fair game, given President Obama's White House's behavior during the Trump transition. In other words, gave Ben Rhodes, who is so closely involved with sniping from the sides and other manipulative acts directed at President Trump, a taste of his own medicine.

As you may imagine, the Guardian and its satellite publication, the Observer, are aghast.

Aides to Donald Trump, the US president, hired an Israeli private intelligence agency to orchestrate a “dirty ops” campaign against key individuals from the Obama administration who helped negotiate the Iran nuclear deal, the Observer can reveal.

People in the Trump camp contacted private investigators in May last year to “get dirt” on Ben Rhodes, who had been one of Barack Obama’s top national security advisers, and Colin Kahl, deputy assistant to Obama, as part of an elaborate attempt to discredit the deal.

The extraordinary revelations come days before Trump’s 12 May deadline to either scrap or continue to abide by the international deal limiting Iran’s nuclear programme.

Extraordinary, yes, but it has the look of fighting fire with fire. Where was the Guardian or Observer when Team Obama, of which Ben Rhodes, famous for being a creative writing major, was a driving part, politicized the intelligence agencies and allowed miscreants such as IRS nonprofits director Lois Lerner to get off scot-free? Where was this paper when Democrats paid opposition researchers of their own to dig up dirt on Donald Trump, via Fusion GPS, and apparently made up quite a bit of what became known as the "Steele dossier"? Where was this paper when Rhodes himself continually used his inside-the-White House operatives to leak and attempt to damage President Trump  as he was just taking office. A co-conspirator, my White House sources told me more than a year ago, just happened to be ... Rhodes' Twitter sidekick, Colin Kahl.

What goes around comes around. Ben Rhodes and all his buddies started this sort of skulduggery to oust Trump when the election didn't go their way, lowering the political bar. Now they're learning that two can play that game.

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