Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A Once Great Nation

by Suzanne Eovaldi
The disgusting arrest in England of independent photo-journalist Tommy Robinson by the UK's corrupted authorities is a stark and glaring example that exposes just how cruel has become the country of America's heritage.  That country's language police have been so degraded that the word "Asian" is used to conceal the identity of Muslim gang groomers on trial for rape. It was Robinson’s coverage of this trial that caused his arrest and imprisonment.  Here is a website that reveals what 12 and 13 year old British girls are suffering at the hands of Muslim adult males. Yet the authorities protect the perpetrators and arrest Tommy Robinson, a man who was trying to tell his countrymen to wake up and see what is being done to their children!
Muslim Grooming Gang in Rotherham

"Emma had no idea she was being groomed and brain washed until one day totally out of the blue, she was taken to wasteland and raped by the gang leader.  The attack was watched by laughing gang members and recorded on a number of mobile phones.”  Tommy Robinson was arrested for reporting on the trial of Muslim gang rapists involved in the grooming process that entraps England's female children. These little girls, some as young as 11 and 13, often are from the northern part of England, from "working class neighborhoods," areas the ‘political class’ of London never see.  Gifts for the little girls include mobile phones, vodka, cigarettes and even cannabis. After being properly ‘groomed,’ these British children are passed around and traded for cash by thugs who use their new country to troll for new victims.  "The fact that these particular gangs are made up of Pakistani men is significant but not in the way racists would have us believe…these men are aware that the police do not want to be accused of racism in today's climate." This shocking information comes from a child protection expert who would not let his/her name be used! But why are Britain's police now enabling the rapists?  We’re told that "the perpetrators are the last to be condemned…"  Also, these rape-gang groomers are nothing if not businessmen!  For “the gangs want virgins and girls who are free of sexual diseases.  Most of the men buying sex with the girls have Muslim wives and they don't want to risk infection.  The younger you look, the more saleable you are."

We are witnessing the tragic fall of a once great super power that is now so paralyzed by political correctness and the fear of being deemed RACIST that it is sacrificing its own beautiful children on an altar of rape and disgrace.  And what even makes this despicable story of national cowardice worse is the unlawful imprisonment of the one British man who had the courage to stand up to the tyrants now ruling the nation.   One commenter at the site of a petition drive to free Tommy Robinson writes:  "what a fix, get him out, it's been a Kangaroo court, this is Great Britain and it's 2018!"  Another laments: "The death of free speech in this country.  Enough is Enough."

Statistics reveal that while "Muslims are approximately 5% of the UK population, they are 90% of those convicted for these grooming gang crimes." 

The famous claim that “The Sun Never Sets on the British Isles,” has now become, “The British Isles Has Set Its Own Sun.”  How long is Tommy Robinson likely to survive the grave danger of Yorkshire’s Hull Prison? The Muslim population know of Robinson and each will attempt to kill him.

How many young, precious white British girls will forever have their lives changed by these rapists? "The men sell the girls on to contacts for around 200 (pounds) a time or as currency for a business deal!"  

Just recall the recent spectacle of the British Royalty's excessive marriage event; one source quoted a price of $14 million US for the Prince Harry nuptials.  Yet Teresa May, Queen Elizabeth, Camilla, Charles, William, Kate, the entire "I'm better than you" crowd remain silent at Tommy Robinson's imprisonment, silent at the pimping and rape of little girls in the north of England, in the "poor" neighborhoods.  This royal extravagance is funded on the backs of families that must sacrifice their very own children! How would Prince William, Princess Kate, The QUEEN feel if this despicable outrage were forced on their precious little girl?

We ‘Keyboard Warriors’ must take meaningful action to help free Tommy Robinson from this hell that is the UK police state.  If you have the means to help fund Robinson’s defense, please go to  It’s imperative that we help this disgracefully wronged, British patriot.

If this issue means we Yanks, we Patriots, we Pilgrims must once again step up to the plate in front of Parliament and take up the Robinson-no-Muslim-rapes cause, let's do it!  BTW, President Trump is receiving suggestions, perhaps from across the pond, to avoid London, whose mayor is a Muslim, when Mr. Trump visits the no longer great Britain in July. Stay home, I say. 

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  1. Suzanne's rant is a load of ignorant hogwash, based on inadequate research. Tommy Robinson's stupid live video feed could have caused the trial to be aborted and guilty men could have gone free. There don't seem to be many Americans around who actually understand law.