Sunday, April 29, 2018

Redacted. The Lies of James Clapper and the Corruption of CNN

The following article appeared in Powerline on April 28th

By Scott Johnson

We have highlighted the revelation of the House Intelligence Committee report that former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper leaked the Steele Dossier to Jake Tapper/CNN, lied about it to the committee, and then went on the CNN payroll to continue the anti-Trump hate fest. At the Weekly Standard, Eric Felten sketches out the ramifications of Clapper’s treachery. Based on his reading of the Comey memos, Felten speculates reasonably that it resulted in the appointment of the Special Counsel (i.e., the Mueller Switch Project).
James Clapper

Felten also discusses the redactions made to the report by the friends of the Democrats in the intelligence community. In one case identified by Felten the redactors removed the first name of Cody Shearer but not his last name. He impishly suggests they may have been inspired by Yossarian’s self-amusing censorship of letters home during his hospitalization at the opening of Joseph Heller’s Catch-22: “To break the monotony he invented games.” One day Yossarian blacked out everything in the letters but “a, an and the.” It would have been like Yossarian to black out first names one day, but Yossarian’s creativity had its limits.

Yossarian had flown a lot of missions in combat as a bombardier World War II. Convinced that “they’re trying to kill me,” as he put it, Yossarian was in the hospital mostly faking it. Yossarian was faking it, but “they” were certainly trying to kill him. They’re trying to kill Trump’s presidency too.

Jake Tapper and CNN are of course protagonists in the Clapper story. Felten reports that he “reached out to CNN about whether Clapper spoke with Tapper. A CNN spokesperson says ‘We do not comment on sourcing.'” Felten adds drily: “Clapper is now an official ‘national security analyst’ for CNN.”

“Whether Clapper spoke with Tapper.” Whether snake spoke with Jake.

This morning I used the search engine on CNN’s site to check whether CNN had even reported this story starring Clapper. Searching Clapper’s name turns up Clapper’s appearances as a “national security analyst” but nothing on his role as a leaker, liar, and sleazebag.

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