Wednesday, April 4, 2018

March For Our Lives Doesn’t Represent the Youth

The following article appeared in Frontpage Magazine on April 3rd

The average age of this youth movement is 49

A month after the Parkland shootings, a Quinnipiac poll showed that voters 18-34 were much less likely to support either an “assault weapons” ban or a ban on the sale of “semi-automatic rifles.”
Manipulated by the left

80% of voters 65 years of age and older supported an “assault weapons ban”, but those 18-34 split over it. A majority of voters 65 and over backed the “semi-automatic rifle” bans, but a majority of 18-34 voters opposed it.

The Washington D.C. March for Our Lives rally was billed as a way for the next generation of youth to speak out. But only 10% of the crowd that cheered the bizarre drama club antics on stage was under 18.

The average age of the adults was 49 years old.

That’s young compared to the median age of the CNN primetime viewer:  60 years old. The media hype for the March was a cable news phenomenon. Few millennials even watch cable news.

Why would they show up for a media circus whose audience is approaching retirement age?

70% of the March for Our Lives attendees were women. 89% were Hillary Clinton voters.

The analysis by the University of Maryland sociology professor who conducted the survey found comparisons to the Million Moms March and the Women’s March. That’s not too surprising.

The March for Our lives permit application filed with the National Park Service lists Deena Katz, the co-executive director of the Women's March Los Angeles Foundation, as the “Person in Charge of Event”. The application papers for the March for Our Lives Fund describe her as the group's president.
Deena Katz

Katz graduated from UCLA in ’88. She’s not the voice of the youth or a new generation.

Another of the Fund’s directors, Melissa Scholz, became involved in another political organization after meeting at the Women’s March. It wouldn’t be too surprising if a number of other directors also had participated in the same anti-Trump rally. And most of the new protesters at the March for Our Lives rally weren’t there to demand gun control. Only 12 percent of them had turned out for gun control.

42% were motivated by Trump.

March for Our Lives was just a rebranded version of the Women’s March with some teen acts.
Melissa Scholz

But the audience wasn’t really there for them. Like the Women’s March, it consisted of Hillary fans expressing the same tired outrage that their candidate had lost despite her numerous scandals.

They didn’t care about Trump. They just wanted to show up and scream some more at the sky.

Another 56% of new protesters were there for “peace.” Anti-war and anti-Israel protesters are still the surest draw at any lefty rally. And they’re usually obsessive enough to show up at all of them.

Look closer and the astroturf group falls apart. Behind a few photogenic teens who live on cable news, March for Our Lives is run by left-wing middle-aged women and drew left-wing middle-aged women.

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