Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Democrat pollsters are closing in on gullible candidates with visions of sugar plums dancing overhead

by Kevin Collins

It is no secret that money is tight on the Democrat side. Consequently, while there will be many candidates that will be able to hire top shelf consultants, there won’t be as many as could be expected in the first mid-term elections of a Republican Administration.

What this means is that consultants who work for Democrats will have to WoW their potential clients with tales of a Blue Wave whether or not they believe what they are saying. There would be no advantage to a Frank Luntz or a Charlie Cook to admit that the problems their clients will face are deep wide and continuous. So it is not surprising that those who profited by getting everything wrong about the Trump victory in 2016 are now doubling down on their predictions of a Speakership in Nancy Pelosi’s future.

I have worked in candidate’s war rooms. I have seen consultants lie to candidates about the progress of a campaign to keep those monthly checks coming. I can make an educated guess about what is being said behind closed doors in Donkeyland.

Currently these vultures are telling their clients they will overcome all obstacles to their success because traditionally the party in the White house loses seats in the first mid-term following his inauguration. Of course in election tradition a candidate like Donald Trump could never be elected President of the United States; but certainly that is never brought up.

So what are the insurmountable obstacles facing these Democrat lambs as they stroll toward their slaughter?

There are more than you think.

The Democrats are on record as promising to raise taxes. This has been tried before; by a Democrat of course. In 1984 Democrat presidential nominee Walter Mondale promised to raise taxes and he lost 49 states.

The Democrats are on record as promising to repeal the Second Amendment and thus start confiscating American citizens’ guns. In the past the Democrats have hidden this intention, but notwithstanding the sugar plums Larry Sabato insists are dancing in his dreams, the Democrats are now sufficiently frightened of a Red Tidal Wave that they are willing to rip off their masks and speak honestly about their true intentions. They have descended to a point where they are begging their craziest of crazies to come out and vote them back into power so that together they can confiscate our guns and “make America safe again.”

For the same reason – outright terror - the Democrats are on record as promising to impeach President Donald Trump when they retake the House and Senate. The implication here is that they will make up something if there is no crime to charge Trump with. Currently Trump has a 51% approval rating which will fall and rise at various points along the way to November; but promising to impeach a president with even a 45% approval is political suicide.

Democrats are calling for the practical erasure of America’s southern border and the dissolution of ICE which flies in the face of the demands of voters to tighten not loosen the borders. The caravan of Central American future Democrats, intent upon breaking into our country is driving America’s demands for border security higher and higher. Americans will no longer settle for “comprehensive immigration reform.” We know that is a lie to make us go away. We want the border slammed shut.

Democrats’ solid grip on Black voters is not tight enough.

They now feel it necessary to fire up Black voters. No matter what the, “thumb on the scale” exit polls from CNN say, the Democrats are having trouble getting Blacks back onto their voter plantation. Democrats have begun to talk about Slave Reparations which will further highlight Democrats avowed hatred for White middle class Americans, a group that voted in massive numbers for Republican Donald Trump.

Consider the CNN exit poll taken on Election Day 2016. Miraculously it found that in every single state Trump got just 6% of the Afro-American vote which was the exact same percentage CNN attributed to him nationally. In other words they either never bothered to poll Blacks; or more likely they did poll Blacks and were too frightened to accurately report the results. In 2016, 50,000 fewer votes came out of the all Black Democrat City of Detroit. All of them could rightly be called Democrat votes and the lack of enthusiasm to vote Democrat among Detroit Blacks was very likely in line with the sentiments of Blacks in other large Michigan cities which led to Trump’s historic victory there.

Then there is the carefully underreported statement from Cardinal Timothy Dolan the bishop of the Archdiocese of New York. The Cardinal who is the acknowledged leader of the Catholic Church in America has made the astonishingly frank statement that, “The Democrats have turned their back on American Catholics.” This is a signal that America’s Catholic leaders have finally recognized the hatred Democrats have for Catholic teachings that those of us in the pews on Sunday figured out a long time ago.

In 2016 Catholics made up 22% of all voters. Catholics voted 52/45 for Trump; but more than this, adherent Catholics – those who attend mass each week- voted 60/40 for Trump. With these numbers as a starting point, Cardinal Dolan’s statement will be a serious blow to Democrats in many districts outside of the Beltway.

There are lots of other problems Democrats will have to overcome; but the bundle of woes they face is tied up in a gloomy report from the very liberal Brennan Center for Justice. BCJ projects that Democrats will have to win the national popular vote by 11 points to win the seats needed to make San Fran Nan the Speaker of the House once again. Current generic surveys show Democrats, who once led in this measurement by 20 points, now lead by as little as one point given the acknowledged four point built in edge Democrats always have in these polls.

“Blue Wave?” Nah, not this year and with the citizenship question on the census maybe not for a very long time.

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