Friday, March 30, 2018

Protecting Children in School

Ed.  Found this in one of my emails some weeks back. Sorry to say I don’t recall who sent it, but each thought rings true.  

How can these liberal morons ignore the fact that:

1. Idiotic liberal school administrators changed the rules to minimize the anti-social behavior of the small number of bad kids and allow no consequences
2. Idiotic school administrators made the school a gun free zone. What world do they live in?
3. Idiotic school administrators refused to act on a recommendation to perform a psychiatric evaluation on the shooter because of his bizarre anti-social behavior and statements.
4. The incompetent bureaucrats in the FBI and their lazy civilian employees ignored their own hotline phone call from a reliable source and relative of the shooter warning of his desire to murder his fellow students.
5. The idiotic political hot dog running the Sheriff’s Department ignored the dozens of calls and visits to the shooter’s residence refusing to perform any pro-active acts to get this shooter off the streets.
6. Armed first responders from Sheriff Israel’s department refused to engage while the murders were taking place, were told to stand down and set up a perimeter for traffic control.

Seriously, WTF is wrong with these liberals who blame assault rifles for the crime?

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