Thursday, March 29, 2018

FBI Should Be Stripped Of All Access To FISA And Patriot Act Data

The following article appeared in Wizbang On March 27th

So.  We’ve seen that the FBI abused their access to FISA Data.
We’ve seen that the FBI knows that their warrantless metadata collection under Section 215 of the Patriot Act is burdensome and foiled only a single terrorist plot in 14 years, yet it has neither been suspended nor its scope reduced.

Now we learn this:

By Emily Crane, the Daily Mail

  • Matt Schrier was taken hostage by an al-Qaeda militant group in Syria in 2012
  • He claims he was tortured and imprisoned in a dark cell for seven months until he managed to escape
  • Schrier said he started investigating his abduction upon returning to the US
  • He said he found a pattern of ‘betrayal’ by the FBI agents assigned to his case
  • Photojournalist said the terrorists used his money to buy a dozen computers
  • He claims the FBI prioritized trying to track the computers and learn about the group rather than investigating his abduction 
    Matt Schrier
An American photojournalist who managed to escape al-Qaeda captivity in Syria five years ago claims the FBI betrayed him and that agents put intelligence gathering ahead of his safety.

The FBI needs to be stripped of it’s Domestic Intelligence and Counter Intelligence roles and all access to information not collected via valid warrants.  The temptation to leverage those tools for political ends and un-related domestic law enforcement have proven greater than the agencies professionalism.  Let them henceforth be a purely domestic law enforcement agency.

We’ll have to figure out a new arrangement for domestic intelligence and counter intelligence.

Hat Tip: Steven Green (Vodka Pundit) writing at Instapundit

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