Saturday, March 31, 2018

Good News! Hillary’s Still Talking!

The following article appeared in Powerline on March 30th

By Steven Hayward

And boy is she mad. Appearing this week at Rutgers University, Her Ladyship complained once again of sexism, claiming that no one has ever asked losing Democratic male candidates for president to shut up:

“I was really struck by how people said that to me – you know, mostly people in the press, for whatever reason – mostly, ‘Go away, go away,'” Clinton said Thursday during an event at Rutgers University.

“And I had one of the young people who works for me go back and do a bit of research. They never said that to any man who was not elected. I was kind of struck by that,” Clinton said.

I like that weaselly qualifier—”mostly people in the press”—because it allows Herself to elide Sen. Claire McCaskill’s very direct criticism: “For those of us that are in states that Trump won, we would really appreciate if she would be more careful and show respect to every American voter and not just the ones who voted for her.”

More from Her Majesty:

“You know, Al Gore didn’t stop talking about climate change,” Clinton said to applause. “And I’m really glad John Kerry went to the Senate and became an excellent secretary of State,” the former first lady continued. “And I’m really glad John McCain kept speaking out and standing up and saying what he had to say. And for heavens sakes, Mitt Romney is running for the Senate,” Clinton said.

I guess Lady Cankles missed how deeply loved McCain and Romney are among the conservative Republican base. She also left out how beloved Michael Dukakis was among Democrats after he lost to George H.W. Bush in 1988.

Please, please Hillary—keep on making speeches. Better still, please run again in 2020. I have a large popcorn futures position that I’m hoping to cash out and retire on. And besides, clearly you need the boost: I see Rutgers only paid you $25,000 for this speech, a 90 percent reduction in your pre-2016 rate. Which only goes to show what people thought they were paying for back then. But what are they paying for now?

Middle school assignment: Write gun control letters to your congressmen

The following article appeared in the College Fix on March 29th

By the College Fix Staff

A recent assignment given at a Georgia middle school shows that last weekend’s March for Our Lives and the walkouts which preceded them are not exactly all “student-led.”
Brainwashing 101

According to Georgia’s teaching standards, seventh graders are supposed to be learning about Asia, Africa and the Middle East in their social studies class, but according to Blue Lives Matter teacher Corey Sanders decided to assign the following to his Hampton Middle School class:

You are trying to persuade lawmakers to have stricter gun laws to help prevent another school shooting from taking place.

For this assignment, you are writing a letter to the lawmakers of the United States. The purpose of this letter is to pressure lawmakers to have stricter gun laws in the United States. Your letter should contain at least five complete sentences. Make sure that you use proper grammatical skills when writing your letter.

Upon seeing his son’s homework, police officer William Lee said “No, you’re not doing that assignment” and proceeded to email teacher Sanders to inform him of just that.

The teacher wrote back to Lee and told him that it was fine, and that he wouldn’t mark off his son for not turning it in, he said.

“The first thing I wondered was what was their intent with these letters,” Lee said. “Were they planning to mail them?”

“And then I’d like to know how this fits into my son’s actual curriculum […] Lee said. “There’s nothing in the course curriculum about gun control.”

Lee said that a number of other parents of his son’s classmates expressed concern about the assignment; however, they hadn’t found out about it until after their children had completed it and turned it in.

“Where are these letters now?” Lee asked.

“Why are they giving this as an assignment? It has nothing to do with the curriculum that they’re supposed to be following,” the angry father said.

Lee said this isn’t the first instance of a teacher with an agenda at Hampton. He noted that a sixth grade teacher recently was recorded calling President Trump a racist and referencing Rodney King (the 1992 Los Angeles riots).

Blue Lives Matter did not receive responses to inquiries from Sanders, the Hampton principal, nor from the district superintendent.


Hat Tip: Wendy Gilmore-Pollak

Wonder where the media outrage is on this one...

When a president dies, the country pays for their burial. In the case of a president like JFK, who was a war hero and assassinated in the middle of a term, something extravagant is in order. 

His burial at Arlington with the memorial paid for by the people cost almost $4 million in today's money, adjusted for inflation. The Kennedy family paid for the casket, vault and the eternal flame.

Ronald Reagan, one of the most influential men in history, is buried in California at his Presidential Library, paid for by donations from the people and the Reagan family.  In fact, other than Kennedy, which we can all agree was warranted, no president has ever cost the taxpayers more than $100K in today's money to bury.

The clause in the Presidential Contract enacted by congress in 1819 states that the president shall receive the burial service deemed fit for his stature and that the cost of the funeral and burial plot will be paid for by the people of a grateful nation.

While every president who has died in modern history, except Reagan, took advantage of that perk of the presidency, none have gone so far that anyone would ever have noticed. Until now that is.

Barack Obama has just submitted his plans for burial in a plot that will house his entire family, citing the Kennedys, the Tafts and the Roosevelts as precedent, inside a monument he had designed to celebrate the nation's first black president.

The monument, will cost the taxpayers roughly $120 million and will be listed as a national historical place with 24 hour protection from the 3rd US Infantry Regiment, just like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
The memorial would be built immediately upon approval and occupy the Northeast quadrant of the lawn near the Washington Monument with a view of the White House:

The monument itself would include quotes from his years as president along with a giant bronze statue and burial crypts for him and his family under a large arch:
You heard that right.  Obama will be guarded around the clock in a monument among those of our founding fathers and greatest heroes, paid for by the taxpayer. It's not too late to call your congressman and object.

Government is always a way for the few to exploit the many.

Hermitage homeowner fatally shoots home invasion suspect, Nashville police say

Ed.  The Coach’s Team enjoys passing along good news to our readers. Homeowner Brent Bishop delivered what is commonly called a “taxpayer relief shot” to career criminal Terry Adams.


Hat Tip: Weasel Zippers

The following article appeared in the Tennessean on March 29th

By Natalie Naysa Alund

A male suspect in a home invasion is dead after Metro police say a homeowner who was attacked fatally shot him late Wednesday evening in Hermitage.

Police identified the suspect as convicted felon Terry Adams, Jr., 27, of Maple Drive in Ashland City.
Terry Adams

The fatal shooting took place sometime before 9 p.m. at a home on the 1100 block of Richard Lee Circle, police say.

A preliminary investigation revealed homeowner Brent Bishop, 43, was away from his home when two strange men entered through a rear door and struck his wife in the face.

Moments later, police say, Bishop arrived and noticed that the rear door was open. When he entered the kitchen, Bishop was struck on the head with a blunt object.

He was ordered to open his gun safe and the robbers removed three long guns and a pistol.  As this was occurring, Bishop’s wife fled to a neighbor’s house. 

The two robbers then left with the guns, police said.

Bishop, unsure where his wife was, went to another room in the house and retrieved a pistol.  Police said he was outside looking for his wife when he again, encountered the robbers. 

During the ensuing altercation, Bishop fired on them, fatally wounding Adams.  The second robber dropped the long guns and the pistol that had been taken from the safe and ran away.  He remained at large late Thursday morning.

Also Thursday, Bishop remained hospitalized with a skull fracture.

Police say the victims' home was burglarized on Feb. 6 and a flat screen television was taken.  Adams is a suspect in that case, according to police.

Adams has multiple convictions in Cheatham County for the crimes of auto burglary, felony theft and aggravated assault.  He was convicted in Nashville of attempted burglary.

Adams was arrested in Nashville on July 28, 2017, on charges of felony meth possession for resale and unlawful gun possession by a convicted felon.  He pleaded guilty last November to two misdemeanors in General Sessions Court and was placed on probation. 

At the time of Wednesday night’s home invasion, Adams was wanted on two probation violation warrants issued on March 20.

2020 Census: Counting Citizens Likely to Shift Power from Illegal Alien-Flooded Coasts Back to Middle America

The following article appeared in Breitbart on March 29th

Counting American citizens on the 2020 Census, as President Donald Trump’s administration has announced they will do, is likely to shift power away from coastal states harboring large illegal alien populations and towards Middle America.

The addition of the citizenship question to the Census does not come with the mandate that congressional apportionments for each state will be based on the number of citizens, rather than entire populations, including citizens, noncitizens and illegal aliens.

Down the road, though, should Congress choose to apportion congressional districts based on the number of citizens rather than the entire districts’ population, states with large illegal alien populations would likely lose a few congressional districts, while states with few illegal aliens could gain districts.

For example, California has an estimated three million illegal aliens, a total of about 5.3 million noncitizens, and a total population of about 39.5 million residents. Currently, California has 53 congressional seats, the most in the country.
If California’s congressional districts were set by the number of citizens in the state, it would potentially lose three to five congressional seats, leaving the state with about 48 to 50 seats.

Likewise, Florida — which has a noncitizen population of about 2.2 million people — would not gain any congressional seats if only citizens were counted. Under the current standards, they are expected to gain two seats.

Currently, congressional districts are set by the total number of residents. Each district cannot have less than 711,000 unless they are the only district in the state, like Wyoming.

If congressional districts were set by the number of citizens, the overall average population needed per congressional seat could decrease to about 670,000 citizens per district. This would give a stronger advantage for states with small illegal alien populations to gain and keep their current number of congressional seats.

For instance, if by counting citizens, a state like Ohio with few illegal aliens, could possibly gain a congressional seat, increasing the state’s total number of representatives to 17. Current projections suggest Ohio will lose a congressional seat.

In West Virginia, which is also slated to lose a congressional seat, the state could keep their three districts if the redistricting is counted by citizens.

Indiana, as well, — with less than 180,000 noncitizen residents — would potentially increase its congressional seats from nine to ten if apportionment is based on the number of citizens in the state.

The electoral power shift away from elite coastal metropolises and towards more rural, middle American regions — should Congress choose to apportion districts based on citizens — would be one of the Trump administration’s most prominent immigration initiatives.

Such a change would stand alongside Trump’s termination of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal, his travel ban, and his taking the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord as a landmark accomplishment of his economic nationalist agenda.