Saturday, February 3, 2018

Officials Allowing Loons to Destroy American Colleges

The following article appeared in Frontpage Magazine on February 2nd

Demanding Students

The inmates are running the asylum.

The University is in a time of crisis.

It isn’t just the fact that faculty members have abandoned their mission in favor of politicizing education that’s cause for concern.  The astonishing audacity of students also renders painfully obvious that things have gotten entirely out of control on college campuses. 
Students in President's office more often than in classroom
That this is so is made painfully obvious by the audaciousness of students at places like the College of Wooster in Ohio. 

Recently, student activists issued to administrators a list of “demands.” “We, the students of the College of Wooster,” the list begins, “have a right, responsibility, and duty to hold our institution accountable for its failure to meet the needs of the student body.” 

The first on the students’ list pertains to—surprise, surprise!—increased funding for the Center of Diversity and Inclusion. “Over the last four years, funding for the CDI has decreased drastically,” they lament.  Yet “for the college to truly ‘stand united against hate and contribute to a safe learning environment,’ the funding for this office must increase.”

Not only must the funding increase, students insist upon determining the uses to which the funding will be deployed: “Greater resources for their everyday office tasks;” “Mandatory Training for student leaders on campus;" and “Increased access to cultural engagement education and training for groups that request these services.” 

Moving along, students demand that their organizations and activities receive funding comparable to that received by clubs that “do not engage with the wider campus community” on “issues of diversity.”  Supposedly, “Brothers of Diversity,” the “African Student Union,” “ASIA,” and “First-Generation Student Org” didn’t receive as much monies as did “Men’s Ultimate Frisbee” and “Men’s Hockey.” 

Since the college is guilty of “favoring”  “non-essential diversity groups,” it fails to support minorities. 

The students demand as well that all new students be required to enroll in a “cultural competency training course” that will begin during orientation week and continue throughout their whole first year. The Center of Diversity and Inclusion will determine the content of this training course, but it must be submitted to the student activists for review at least once a year. 

Yet it’s not just other students who these bullies require to enroll in a cultural competency program; faculty members must as well.  “All new, returning, and tenured faculty are required to attend a cultural competency training course.  This will occur right before classes begin and continue on a semesterly basis.” 

The activists add that the program will be designed conjointly by the Center of Diversity and Inclusion, faculty, staff, and, of course, the student demanders themselves.  Annually, the program will go up for review, presumably, before the tribunal of the wisdom of the student activists.

The College of Wooster already provides free storage for all international students. Among the demands is that it now supply free storage for “long-distance and low-income students” as well.  A committee, the students say, will be created to “review applications.”

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