Monday, January 29, 2018

Senators Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin: the PERFECT Examples for Repeal of the 17th Amendment

The following article appeared in Wizbang on January 28th

As Washingtonians continue to angle for position over immigration policy, senators like Illinois’ Dick Durbin and New York’s Chuck Schumer have come to insist that their chief concern is to work on behalf of illegal aliens instead of American citizens. But this situation does prove definitively that the founders were right about how to elect senators and that the 17th Amendment has been one of America’ greatest mistakes. It should be repealed.

The current immigration debate centers on two policies. One is the fate of the so-called DREAMERs — those who were brought into the country illegally by their lawbreaking parents. The second is the idea of “chain migration” — a policy maintaining that once a single illegal is given status he should be allowed to bring dozens of relatives here. Washington is in an uproar over these issues with one side saying that we should only allow immigrants with merit to enter the U.S. while the other side thinks we shouldn’t have any immigration laws at all and we should let everyone who wants to come here do so whether they are useful to our society or not.
Dick Durbin--one of the premier liars in the Senate
One thing is certain, the Democrats simply do not care even a tiny bit what the American people think about immigration. Indeed, a recent Harvard-Harris poll (no right leaning group, for sure) found that 80 percent of Americans are against chain migration and want it ended. Indeed, it is even higher among their own voters. Fully 85 percent of African Americans want merit-based immigration and are against chain migration.

To prove that, both Durbin and Schumer have boldly announced that their only concern is to come to the aid of illegals. Durbin, for instance, said that from now on he is working “full time” for illegals. Not for Illinoisans. For illegals.

So, what is going on here? Why are Democrats turning their collective back on what Americans want in order to push for millions of lawbreaking illegals?

The real reason, of course, that Democrats support the dismantling of our immigration laws is because they assume — and with good reason — that all these sudden “citizens” would swell their ranks and vote for Democrat candidates. A Democrat operative recently admitted that getting illegals to vote is a “moral imperative” for Democrats if they expect to become an unbeatable electoral powerhouse by overwhelming the votes of native American citizens.
Chuckie Schumer
But, whatever the Democrats think they are doing, their actions prove that this country made a huge mistake way back in 1913.

If you think our nation is being ruined by the two party system today, you should consider the huge mistake we made in 1913 by changing our Constitution to allow American citizens to vote our Senators into office. In the beginning and until 1913 we did not elect our Senators to that chamber because the founders originally meant for them to be individually appointed to office by the legislatures of the states. But in 1913 we passed the 17th Amendment thereby changing the founders’ original intent.

So, previous to 1913, federal senators were appointed by the state governments and not elected by the voters. This was done so that the states had direct representation in Congress. That all ended after passage of the 17th amendment because at that point, our senators were elected by the people at the ballot box in a general election.

You might at first think it seems like a good idea full of populist “power to the people” to do away with the previous system. It might seem like a way to “fix” what seemed like an error in the original Constitution. The cure, however, has proven worse than the disease and made the old saying, “all politics is local” into a lie at long last.

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