Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hawaii bureaucrat who initiated false missile alert refusing to talk to FCC

Ed. Here is another take on the Hawaiian bureaucrat who refuses to assist in the investigation of his/her deliberate and treacherous act.

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on January 26th

Because a government worker's reputation and job are far more important than the safety and security of private citizens during a nuclear attack.


The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency employee who mistakenly sent out a mobile alert warning of an incoming ballistic missile is refusing to cooperate with the Federal Communications Commission investigation, an FCC official said Thursday on Capitol Hill.

At a hearing with the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, Lisa Fowlkes, the head of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau at the FCC, said the federal agency is pleased with the cooperation from leadership in Hawaii, but disappointed in the refusal from the key employee.

“We share FCC Public Safety Bureau Chief Lisa Fowlkes’s disappointment," Hawaii Emergency Management said in a statement. "The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency has encouraged its employees to cooperate in all ongoing investigations. While cooperation is in the end a matter of choice for each individual, we hope that anyone who is not cooperating will reconsider and assist in bringing these matters to a satisfactory conclusion.”

The unionized government worker who "pressed the wrong button" probably wouldn't be fired  even if  they set off a nuclear weapon rather than triggering a false alarm. Firing a government worker shouldn't be this difficult, even for gross incompetence and dereliction of duty.

The state still refuses to release his or her name or what exactly happened that caused Hawaii to go crazy that day. That, at least, makes some sense considering the danger the employee would be in and the extremely sensitive nature of our alert system.

But this is a person far more concerned with keeping their job than helping the FCC improve our emergency alert system. There are no criminal charges connected to the incident so if the individual has lawyered up, it's to protect themselves from disciplinary action.

Whoever it is, they're getting lousy advice. 

Ed.  So, the FCC Bureau Chief is "disappointed" that the far-left bureaucrat who sent countless Hawaiians into a panic is refusing to assist investigators.  

I wonder if this jag-off would continue to be 'difficult' if feds on the scene decided to press charges leading to about 20 years in a federal penitentiary? 

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