Friday, December 8, 2017

What Democrats’ full-court Franken press really means

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on December 5th

If the Democrats get anything right, it is the uniformity of a working script.  They are good at forming a chorus of clapping seals.  And they have so much more party discipline than the Republicans.  When it's time to run with a script, they choreograph it all and get everyone on the same page beforehand.

There are no sudden coincidences of conscience.  This has zero to do with morality or a person's inner belief system. 

Yesterday, Kirsten Gillinbrand New York, Patty Murray of Washington, Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Kamala Harris of California, and Maggie Hasan of New Hampshire along with Chuck Schumer, Tom Perez, Joe Donnelly, Sherrod Brown, Bob Casey, and Dick Durbin all went on a full frontal assault on Senator Al Franken, demanding his resignation.
Apparently, as a strategy, this was all discussed prior as a game plan before the media got to lap it up, since no one person acting alone has an individual conscience in the Democrat cult machine.  Even their morals suffer from socialized collectivism.  It's like high school peer pressure but concentrated out of a heated crack spoon.

Unfortunately for them, it appears that the Senate pension program is really good.  The hack ex-comedian (or never was) does not intend on stepping down.  I guess that SNL royalties kind of suck.  So he has decided to reject their pleas for voluntary removal.

Poor Democrats.  Perhaps you should vet your freak show candidates first.  It appears that not all of them will play patsy to your power end game, which is to retroactively eradicate your outed lechers as pro forma in order to groom the 2020 presidential run for a less wrinkly, less has-been (sorry Hillary) female candidate.

We already know that the Democrats never had actual ideas to run on, but instead force their loyalist chad-rippers to demean themselves as either racists (first black president) or gender-preferential misandrists.  They are first and foremost a club for low-information haters.  These are not idea people with high intelligence quotients.  The Democrat leadership know this.  So they spit out candidates who are historical novelties (in terms of demographics) and then accuse the other side of being racist or misogynist.
The "COMING" weeks! Yeah, that sh** sounds great!
It's a great tactic.  More than half of the weaker electorate falls for it.  And today, with the coordinated attempt to publicly shame Al Franken into resigning just as they did with John Conyers, the Democrat leaders are proving their 2020 endgame, which is an all-out, full frontal genitalia campaign of #metoo female, anti-patriarchal rage.

Hillary was already thrown under the bus by Donna Brazile two weeks ago as the first brick to be laid for this new sacrificial foundational pretext.  And so now the purge campaign continues of prying out the old dry rot of geezer-lechers – all of it to get their leading lady ready, entrenched in the wings, for a double-twenty unveiling.

That's what all this is.  It has nothing to do with Al Franken.  It has zero to do with morals or sexual harassment.  It has everything to do with strategy and power.  Single women are the most loyal voting demographic for the Democratic Party, even more than the black community, which is saying a lot.  We saw with the Julia campaign that the Democratic Party loves to sell itself as quasi-husbands and father figures to young single women.

Yesterday was the day of going all in on a semblance of "integrity" as a sham circus to run the Democrat pervert purge in house and begin the process of building a house of feminism.

Not because of women.  Not a thing to do with that.  Just raw, naked power.  Same as it always is.

Ed. Soooo, Al Franken will retire in "the coming weeks." Uh huh. And our Sun will consume all of its nuclear fuel and become a Red Giant "in the coming weeks" as well. 

Of course, that will take one Hell of a lot of coming weeks! 

I wonder how Al's calendar works? Don't be surprised if Franken just waits till most of this sexual assault business dies down and announces that he has changed his mind, stating that "the people" deserve to be served by the senator they chose for the job! 

Of course, that only applies to SENATORS, not to PRESIDENTS, as the left continues working to overturn the election result of 2016! 

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