Saturday, December 16, 2017

Sue the Dead Assailant

The following article appeared on Second City Cop on December 15th

  • In an unorthodox move, lawyers for the city of Chicago are seeking to sue the estate of a teen shot to death by a police officer two years ago, alleging he was responsible for the death of a bystander the officer accidentally killed as well.

    In a motion filed Thursday, the lawyers sought a Cook County judge’s approval to bring a lawsuit blaming Quintonio LeGrier, 19, for the shooting that also killed 55-year-old Bettie Jones.

    The proposed suit rests largely on allegations that LeGrier tried to hit Officer [...] with an aluminum baseball bat before the officer opened fire, killing both the teenager and Jones, a neighbor standing nearby.

    If successful, the suit could shift some of the city’s potentially hefty financial liability for the death of an innocent woman onto LeGrier’s estate.
    Jones and LeGrier
    Officers here and elsewhere have sued assailants and won, getting liens against any future assets that might arise via ghetto lotteries. We aren't sure if this is a first for Chicago or any municipality. It (amazingly) attempts to hold a criminal responsible for his actions and the resultant actions of responding personnel and injured bystanders. Sort of like the "felony murder" statute.

About f***ing time.

Ed.  Chicago officials have a history of EAGERLY throwing taxpayers dollars at winners of, what the Second City Cop properly terms, "ghetto lotteries." 

This attempt to retrieve that money is a first for the Windy City. Let's hope it pays off. 

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