Saturday, December 9, 2017


The story below (part of it, that is) was filed by the Chicago Sun Times


  • A convicted felon was charged with shooting a Chicago Police officer during a foot pursuit late Wednesday in the Rosemoor neighborhood on the Far South Side.

  • Anthony Woodridge, 25, was charged with felony counts of attempted first degree murder, aggravated discharge of a firearm and aggravated battery by discharge of a firearm, according to Chicago Police.
    Anthony Woodbridge
    And a surprise:
  • Woodridge then shot the officer in his hand during an ensuing pursuit, and continued firing at him when he fell to the ground, said Johnson, who insisted that the shooter was “obviously trying to kill the officer.”

  • An additional bullet was found lodged in the back of the officer’s ballistic vest.....

So the Officer was hit multiple times. The offender is no stranger to the Criminal Justice system:
  • Johnson explained Thursday that Woodridge had been arrested 25 times as an adult, and convicted of four felonies. Most recently, he was convicted of possessing a handgun as a felon on parole and sentenced to nearly five years in prison last June.

Sentenced to five years in prison just six months ago....and walking the street just Wednesday. Armed.

And with 25 adult arrests, that's about 3-to-4 arrests a year since coming of age. If he had been sentenced to just a single year for each offense, concurrent, he'd be in jail until he was 50 or so. 
Superintendent Eddie Johnson
Ed couldn't leave well enough alone though, but had to prove he's still Rahm's ass-kissing superintendent:
  • Johnson stressed the need to pass “more commonsense gun laws” to give police and citizens “the tools to be safe.”
Aren't there already laws to jail violent offenders? Didn't happen. Aren't there laws that say felons shouldn't have guns? Didn't happen. Maybe there are laws that say if you violate parole over and over again on 25 previous arrests, you should be incarcerated to finish the sentence you were paroled on? Didn't happen.

How about enforcing the fucking laws on the books? That'd be the most common sense of all.

Ed.  (Eddie) Johnson is the Superintendent of Chicago Police as appointed by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The Second City Cop website gives Johnson all the respect he deserves as one of Rahm Emanuel’s hand puppets.

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