Friday, December 22, 2017

Ruh, Oh! Chuck Schumer charged with paying for 2 abortions for 16 year old friend of his daughter!

Hat Tip: karinsue1

ED. The story is on Youtube that Senator Chuck Schumer began an affair with a 16 year old friend of his daughter. And over time, he paid for her to have TWO abortions! HOWEVER, there is no trace of the claim on Drudge or Breitbart…as Yet.

Maybe the story is true, maybe it isn’t.

How many remember the recent story about Chuck Schumer having been the target of a forged document in which a young lady accused him of sexual harassment? The young, former staffer who ostensibly made the claims and sent the document to Axios and other media outlets stated herself that the allegations were not true…that her signature under the story was forged.
Who, ME?
The question, of course, is why Senator Schumer would bring a known, fraudulent document with spurious charges to the attention of the media and the American public? The folks at WeaselZippers concluded that “…something else is coming that this is meant to divert or cast doubt on.”

And I agreed with them, writing that: “Leftists like Schumer usually just let their media followers deny charges and attack those who make them. Going this far out of his way means HOT STUFF is about to break.”

Could be that this story is the Hot Stuff. We’ll find out sooner or later.

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