Saturday, December 9, 2017

Roy Moore Accuser Admits She Tampered With The Yearbook Inscription

The following article appeared on Weasel Zippers on December 8th

She now admits she added the location and date.

Here’s the CNN link where you can see the that the location and date added is in the same ink as the last name and D.A. So obviously she’s lying about that.
She added the last name and the D.A. as well, as the ink shows.

Why couldn’t MSM investigate the very apparent two different color inks?

The reason Nelson added D.A., despite the fact that he wasn’t the D.A., was that he had handled her divorce and signed her order with ‘D.A.’ at end of his name. His assistant added ‘D.A.’ to denote that she was signing orders on his behalf. So she was consciously imitating his signature.

Who would allow a judge to handle her divorce if he’d tried to attack her?

And one more thing.

This also calls into question another accuser, Debbie Wesson, who said Moore dated her when she was 17 and he wrote her a note then. But the signature on her note appears identical to the one that appears to have been added by Nelson. So that raises a question about whether that’s real either.

Simple answer? Date the ink. 

Ed.  And what of Gloria Allred? Did she KNOW her client was lying? Remember, she REFUSED to answer a reporter who asked if the the addition to the yearbook was a fake!

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