Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Nancy Pelosi’s PAC Won’t Return Money from Online Prostitution Ring

The following article was posted on the NTK Network on December 19th

By NTK Staff

The founders of Backpage have donated thousands of dollars to House Majority PAC. Will Democrats continue to use profits from child sex trafficking to advance their campaigns?

A Monday report from The Washington Times said that Democrats are hesitant to return donations from the founders of “Backpage,” a website that makes its money from promoting sex trafficking.
Yeah, you're Number 1 alright Nancy
House Majority PAC, a group dedicated to retaking Congress for Democrats, took $10,000 from one of the site’s founders:

After California’s then-Attorney General Kamala D. Harris announced felony pimping charges last year against the two owners of [Backpage] — a classified-ad website that is a hub for sex trafficking and prostitution, one of the men cut a $10,000 check to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s super PAC.

Mrs. Pelosi’s political action committee, House Majority PAC, has resisted giving the money back, and an aide to Mrs. Pelosi said the California Democrat knows nothing about the contribution.

Harris, now a senator from California, also refused to demand that Democrats return the money, even though she brought the charges against the site’s founders, according to the report.

Backpage is notorious for not just prostitution, but the disgusting practice of child sex trafficking. According to a New York Times report, girls as young as 14 were sold for sex on the site. When law enforcement shut down links that facilitated the sale of underage girls, Backpage’s founders called it “an assault on the First Amendment.”

Ed.  Can you imagine the outcry if a Republican were even to RECEIVE money from such a perverse organization, never mind the idea of keeping it!

Of course, NAMBLA members are proud Democrats! I wonder how much these sick, disgusting bastards donate to their favorite Democrats each year?

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