Thursday, December 21, 2017

Here’s the proof: Democrat policies fail

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on December 19th

Democrat policies are guaranteed to fail, and they have long achieved – and continue to achieve – the statism desired by the vast majority of Democrat voters nationally.  

Here are the top 20 cities with the highest murder rates in the U.S., per capita:  (Led by New Orleans, Detroit, St. Louis and Baltimore)

Of these, every city except the last one, Tulsa, has a Democrat majority in the mayoralty and City Council/Board of Aldermen.

Here's the non-fatal shootings top 20. (Led by St. Louis, Memphis, Oakland and Detroit.)

Notice the overlap of several cities.  The cities on the non-fatal list absent on the murder list are also Democrat-run cities, except for the last one, Jacksonville.

Here are five longtime Democrat empires (all days are consecutive and uninterrupted):
1. St. Louis: only Democrat mayors; 90% Democrat City Council; 15,000 days.
2. Baltimore: only Democrat mayors and only Democrat City Council; 18,000 days.
3. Philadelphia: only Democrat mayors; 90% Democrat City Council; 20,000 days.
4. Detroit: only Democrat mayors; 90% Democrat City Council; 22,000 days.
5. And the great Democrat beacon on the hill, Chicago: only Democrat mayors; 90% Democrat City Council; 30,000 days.

The Democrats have ruled Chicago for longer than Stalin ruled the USSR, the Castros in Cuba, and the Kims in North Korea, and for longer than slavery was legal in the U.S.

The great cover-up

These are America's top 10 most violent cities, according to FBI data.  Violent crimes include homicides, gun violence, gangs, pedophilia, and robberies.

Every city is majority Democrat-controlled.  Several of the cities on the FBI's list also appear on the murder and non-fatal shootings lists.  Because the FBI's ranking is per capita, several cities such as Chicago and Newark (only Democrat mayors; 90% City Council; 23,000 days) are absent.

Why hasn't any of this information been plastered 24/7 across the front pages and television screens of the DMIC – the Democrat Media Industrial Complex?  Why haven't President Obama, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and U.S. senator Bernard Sanders spent even one minute addressing this?

They haven't because they aid and abet the cover-up by the Democratic Party and the DMIC.  Of all the Democrat and DMIC cover-ups, their indisputably failed policies is their most egregious.

Donald Trump was the only national GOP candidate who attacked this topic; undoubtedly, it helped him in his stunning presidential victory.  Even though he didn't win cities such as Philadelphia, Detroit, and St. Louis, he did win their respective states.

The issue is never the issue

The Democrat politicians, well versed in the tactics of Rules for Radicals author, Saul Alinsky (from Chicago, naturally), know that easily duped Democrat voters will be convinced into believing that these failures are somehow the fault of everyone except Democrats.

The Democrat "issue" is that more government is necessary, and the police are covert white supremacists prowling the streets to prey upon black men.  I'll bet you the $1 million Colin Kaepernick is getting for his book deal that he knows not a single piece of data cited in this post.

The actual issue, though, rooted in facts and reality – arch-enemies of Democrats – is that decades of one-party policies have contributed to family breakdowns, career criminals, problems with the police, failing schools, and inter-generational familial poverty.

Those most victimized by these policies, sadly, are our youth.  As they age into adults, too many continue the vicious circle, which goes on and on.

Using the 80-20 principle, and attributing 20% of these cities' problems to factors outside their municipal lines, ask yourself: are tens of thousands of consecutive days enough time to know if something doesn't work?  Why is it that the residents of these cities continue to elect the same kind of people over and over again?  So much for "diversity."

Remove the data from Democrat empires, and our national crime rate is much lower.

Next steps for Americans

Had Clinton been elected in 2016, it would have ushered in the Democrat hegemony over the entire nation, thanks to judicial activists who would have fast-tracked for illegal aliens the right to vote.

The election of President Trump was a vital first step, and it established a blueprint to defeat the Democrats (and the complicit Et Tu, Brute Republicans).  The Democrats will not fight for our youth and our cities.  We must continue taking the fight to them.

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