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FBI Investigating Hiring Practices Of NY Gov Andrew Cuomo

The following article appeared on Weasel Zippers on December 9th

Paying his cronies with taxpayers’ money.

The FBI is investigating the Cuomo administration’s practice of hiring employees to work in the governor’s office, while actually paying them through various state agencies and public authorities, the Times Union has learned.

The practice of hiring pricey political appointees to work for the Executive Chamber – but paying them through other entities – has allowed Cuomo and prior governors to increase the size of their staffs while escaping criticism for inflating the Executive Chamber budget.
Governor Andrew Cuomo
In recent months, however, FBI agents have interviewed a number of people who work for the governor’s office, but are paid by agencies or authorities, about the circumstances of their hirings, according to people familiar with the matter.

One type of evidence being explored by the FBI, sources said, are the written notifications that are sent by agencies or authorities to the governor’s office informing them of a new hire.

In at least some instances, those letters have stated an employee would be working for the agency or authority – when the intention was for them to work for Cuomo’s office, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

Another line of questioning by the FBI has been whether the Executive Chamber officials’ job duties have any correlation with the agency or authority actually paying them.

An FBI spokeswoman said she could not confirm or deny the existence of an investigation. It’s unclear what criminal law might have been violated by the hiring practice.

An analysis by the Times Union a year ago found that more than 40 percent of the Executive Chamber staff was actually on the payroll of public authorities or agencies. At the time, 89 of 209 Executive Chamber employees were on agency or authority budget lines.

That trend accelerated when Cuomo announced 27 new hires or promotions last March. All but a handful of the hires were to Executive Chamber jobs, but the Executive Chamber was actually paying just five of those people.

Who is paying them?

Many of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's new hires and promotions announced in March are working in his office but are paid by different agencies or public authorities. Here is a look at the people working for Cuomo, their salary and who pays them.  (Information below published in the Times Union.)

Executive Chamber
Joseph J. Rabito
Deputy Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs
Rochelle P. Kelly-Apson
Director of Downstate Intergovernmental Affairs for Governor Cuomo
Elizabeth L. Bibi
Deputy Director of Media Relations
Andrew R. Tillman
Speechwriter for Governor Cuomo
F. Annabel Walsh
Director of Scheduling for Governor Cuomo

Empire State Development
Carolyn Pokorny
Chief Special Counsel for Ethics, Risk and Compliance
Kate Dineen
Chief of Staff to the Director of State Operations

Department of Transportation
Michael D. Perrin
Deputy Director of State Operations
John. Weinstein
Deputy Communications Director for Transportation

State of NY Mortgage Agency
Valery Galasso
Senior Policy Advisor
Molly D. Dillon
Senior Policy Advisor

Office of IT Services
Timothy A. Fullerton
Director of Digital Communications
Diana O. Bowen
Video Producer

Power Authority
Sarah Bittleman
Deputy Director of Special Projects

Office of General Services
Penny Lowy
Appointments Secretary

Dormitory Authority
Christopher. O'Brien
Director of Special Projects

Dept. of Economic Development
Brendan C. Hughes
Assistant Secretary for Economic Development

Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Services
Joel. Wertheimer
Staff Secretary

Environmental Facilities Corp.
Jen Darley
Assistant Director of Executive Operations

Justice Center
Robert W. Gibbon
Assistant Counsel to the Governor for Transportation

Office Alcoholism & Substance Abuse
Kerri E. Neifeld
Assistant Secretary for Human Services

Grand total

Source: Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's office and Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office
Cathleen F. Crowley/Times Union 

Ed.  Above we find Christopher O'Brien working for the "Dormitory Authority." The DORMITORY AUTHORITY?? Liberals are a panic, aren't they! Cuomo will claim that he is being frugal...saving taxpayers a FORTUNE because relatively few people are employed by his office. 

Nope. No cronies working for Andrew!

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