Thursday, December 14, 2017


By Suzanne Eovaldi
Could a possibly improbable but very real sting be taking place as President Trump and Special Investigator Robert Mueller actually are working together to drain the DC swamp? That is the amazing theory that is up now in a video by truth teller David Zublick. ( )  His vid already has 65,596 viewers and it exudes an entirely new odor surrounding the ongoing high octane investigation now permeating our Capitol.  A mass sweep of corrupt individuals; ‘in the halls of power…the elite…are being brought down,’ says Zublick.

He points out that in less than a fortnight-from 10-30-16 to 11-9-16-Mueller has filed nearly 400 Sealed Indictments, 81 in D.C, alone and others throughout Hollywood and the country in general.  Zublick names the following possible subjects of official documents: Pedogate, Uranium One sale to Russia, DNC, the HRC E-mails, and finally the fake dossier, which now is being suggested in recent congressional hearings as the means by which the Obama Regime obtained FISA court approval for surveillance of the Trump candidacy apparatus in the run up to last year's huge sea change election.  The death of Seth Rich is cited as the turning point which finally brought national attention to D.C. Corruption with a Big Capital C. "Unheard of…sealed indictments…in US Federal courts…and 81 in DC and eastern Virginia," says Zublick. He goes on that this figure is "not normal" and that there "never ever have been this many (filed) all at once." States/Cities with indictment figures provided include:  162 in S Central LA; 60 in NYC; 46 in TX; 11 in IL; 8 in S. Miami, and 7 in Arkansas.
Robert Mueller

Interestingly the "Truth Unsealed" host points out that Mueller, who served as a Marine Corp officer in Vietnam, is a recipient of our nation's Purple Heart medal as well as the Bronze Star Medal with a Combat "V" for heroism.  What might be overlooked here is the fact the Special Prosecutor took the military oath. According to, "The armed forces code of conduct which applies to all branches and the military including the Marines, states that service members GUARD THEIR COUNTRY and are prepared to give their lives in its defense." So while we recognize President Trump's reliance on many other military generals and leaders, perhaps we are overlooking Robert Mueller's tour of duty, still ongoing.   These sealed indictments came close to Veterans Day and Pearl Harbor remembrance days.  Mueller could not have been Trump's pick as new FBI head because the Congress had already approved a two year extended period of service after Mueller's 10 year term had expired.  The term limits for serving as FBI Director are set at 10 years and can only be extended by Congress. Sour grapes over being passed over often is cited for Mueller's current probe.  Perhaps, any feared vendetta by him is just missing the Special Prosecutor's real target!

Now, a bizarre set of statistics is being uncovered by "Mark," a citizen journalist who reveals the State of Virginia shows an anomaly in statistics for children gone missing, especially when compared per capita with the rates of much larger states, such as TX and FL.  ( )  This anomaly is being characterized as being "Beyond Words." Using the non-governmental source, Center for Missing and Exploited Children, he says, "Almost all of the missing children were concentrated in Fairfax County, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach, VA." Fairfax is one of the wealthiest counties in the US.  "High concentrations of government employees and officials" reside there. Nearby Maryland reveals similar anomalous statistics of children gone missing. "Oddly, VA sorely is lacking in photos of their missing children."

Mark used the statistics on the Center for Missing and Exploited Children's website.  He says a child in VA is about 2.67 times more likely to turn up missing than the second ranked Florida," along with TX, states with much larger populations when compared to VA.  Mark's finding about the seasonal disappearance rates in and around these areas is shocking, indeed. He says his research of near 2016 figures show 74 went missing in November and 40 in October, the Halloween cycle that pedogate-pizzagate web videos focus on due to possible Satanic connections.  "It gets scary around Halloween."  He lists 23 as gone missing in September but only 1 in April, 6 in May, 7 in June, and 3 in July.  The video host's Russ Winter calls on viewers to form their own opinions here. "Beyond Words" are the only way both researchers characterize these missing children statistics in VA!

President Trump's cryptic tweets are keeping us aware.  Maybe, just maybe, something very big is coming soon!


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