Wednesday, December 27, 2017

American Woman

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

The folks who provide comments on our email list are having a proverbial field day with the hot news concerning men and sexual harassment.  We are a loosely linked group of about 30 plus e-mailers, some from CA, at least one, myself, from FL.  We are engineers, teachers, health pros, you name it. When one male lister sent out the following Biblical sounding quotes in regards to Joe Scarborough I hit red alert.  "The lips of an adulteress drip with honey and her mouth is smoother than oil. But in the end she is as bitter as wormwood, as sharp as a two -edged sword. Her feet go down to death, to the nether world her steps attain. Lest you see before you the road to life, her paths will ramble, you know not where adulteress."  

"Did an adulteress get a hold on him?" our e-mailer asked.

Wow, that just hit me the wrong way.  You see, as a formerly married, now single and happy female, I sent around my rant: "I can't let this go by without a defense of single women which includes me. This is a difficult season if you're a single woman, but the discomfort of being treated shabbily by married females is a 12 month ordeal.  I am sick and tired of married women giving me their snide little sotto voce, snarky remarks.  These vested women really know how to hurt the single female. 

Tactics these married females used on me over the years include seating me next to the kitchen or toilet doors at a dinner party and giving out their cold-as-wind-off-of-a-January-Lake Michigan-breeze look.  I really pushed back at our high school reunion over the old bags and their hateful treatment.  I even have felt hurt being humiliated at church by a married female.  I have been the recipient of some real zingers, over, what else, my appearance.  Unless a single gal looks like what my formerly divorced, now deceased husband used to call a "dowdy mouse," she is in for it from the salaried-for-life females.

 These verses that characterize the single woman as the hussy ignore what often is the full story.

Well, right back came a complimentary e-mail from a married man who said he and his wife both have noticed such slights.  He then went on to tell me about his male friend who agreed to coach an all-female sailing crew in competition with the always first place crew of male sailors.  To put the statement mildly, his crew coach friend said females were terrible to coach.  I can go along with that.  For a big part of my 30 year career as an English teacher I was a member of an all-female English Department.  Without beginning to weep over this piece, just let me say this was one of my most difficult challenges in life. Never again.

My male e-mailer then went on to quote this verse from Isaiah 1:4: "And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel; only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach." KJV.  He is asking, are we at that final stage in America in which females have so displeased God that He has killed off males on a 7 to 1 ratio?"

Yes, sexual harassment is awful. I have received many, but when a sexual pass by another female was made at me, in front of our husbands, however, I froze, literally, in my tracks.

I honestly do not know what it is American women want.  Do they want their liberal screed of a Woman Can Do Whatever a Man Can Do, as one of my U of Chicago female colleagues liked to declare? Do women want it all? I'll never forget when, in class one day, one of my Black female students decided she wanted a BMW, which she said meant a “black man working.”  Another black female said she wanted in this order: her job at the supervisory level, a Lake Michigan Avenue North Shore Condo, a baby, a Benz and a man.  Wow.  She really put it all out there. And this was at least 20 years ago.

The older I get, the less I can tolerate these married females who give me their stares, jabs, disrespect.  Perhaps I'll get provoked enough to tell them they resent single females who provide their own security, their own work ethic, their own cars, homes, etc.  IOW, I give myself what many women need a man for. 

What I'm asking here is are some females wanting cake, having it, but not being willing to work for it, just like a gasp, welfare queen?

Going into court after 40 years, without documented evidence, or bleeding all over on national TV to claim some man sexually harassed is a bit much.  These men are dropping like flies and web rumors point to a January, full tilt assault on POTUS as he may be the victim of yet another attempt by the Deep State to get rid of him.

Yes, of course, these sexual perverts are odious indeed.  But why here, why now?  I just have too much history fighting off the disrespect and slings and arrows of other females to fully embrace any and all of these sexual accusations many men now are facing.  Have you heard the lyrics of Guess Who's "American Woman?"

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