Sunday, December 31, 2017

President Trump’s 1st Year in Office an ECONOMIC MIRACLE: All Time Stock Market Highs – Most Jobs in History – Highest GDP Ever

The following article appeared in Gateway Pundit on December 29th

by Joe Hoft

President Trump’s first year was Historic!  Never before has a President done so much for the economy.  The stock market is at an all time high, there are more people working than ever before and the nation’s GDP has never been higher.  Never before has a first year President done so much for the economy! 

Stock Market

President Trump’s first year in office resulted in the greatest year in stock market history! The Dow ended up nearly 5,000 points for the year which was the highest increase in the Dow’s more than 100 year history. The Dow reached all-time new highs a record 71 times in 2017, breaking the record for the most all-time highs in a calendar year set in 1995.

At the final bell for the year the Dow closed near its highest closing amount ever at 24,719. Since last year’s election the Dow is up 35%! 

* The Dow increased nearly 6,400 points since the November 8th 2016 election when the Dow closed at 18,333. This is the largest point increase in this amount of time in Dow history. This has never happened in the more than 100 years in the Dow.

* The Dow has increased more in 2017 than any year ever in Dow history! The Dow ended 2016 at 19,763 and has increased nearly 5,000 points. This is the most ever by more than 40% over the next best year ever! (In 2013 the Dow was up 3,472 points.

* Since the election the Dow has surpassed 6 major milestones – 19,000, 20,000, 21,000, 22,000, 23,000 and 24,000.

* President Trump’s stock market rally is historical! No President has seen more all time highs (71) in their first year in office than President Trump. No one has seen more all-time highs in a year ever.

* President Trump set the record earlier this year for the most all time closing stock market highs during his first year in office. By year end the Dow has set 88 closing highs since last year’s election and 71 since President Trump’s inauguration. (As a comparison, President Obama had no stock market highs his entire first term.)

* More than one in four days since the election has ended in a new stock market high.

* The Dow closed above 20,000 on January 25th and the March 1st rally matched the fastest-ever 1,000 point increase in the Dow at 24 days that the markets were open or 35 actual days.
* The Dow took just 66 market open days to climb from 19,000 to above 21,000, the fastest 2,000 point run ever. The Dow closed above 19,000 for the first time on November 22nd 2016 and closed above 21,000 on March 1st 2017. The previous record was in 2007 when the Dow took nearly three times as long to cover 2,000 points.

* The Dow took just 173 days to surpass the 3,000 point milestone between November 22, 2016 when the Dow surpassed 19,000 and August 2nd, 2017 when the DOW surpassed 22,000. The prior record was in 1999 when the Dow took more than four times as long to reach these heights.

* The Dow surpassed the 23,000 mark on October 18th. This increase of 4,000 points in all-time highs in this amount of time is unheard of in US history!

* On November 30th the Dow broke the 24,000 barrier for the first time ever!

* Since President Trump’s Inauguration on January 20th the Dow is up 25%. (It was at 19,827 at January 20th.)

* President Trump is the only President in US history to oversee two stock market rallies of nine days or more where the markets set new highs each and every day.

* On February 28th President Trump matched President Reagan’s 1987 record for most continuous closing high trading days when the Dow reached a new high for its 12th day in a row!

* Then in early August President Trump reigned over a 9 day stock market rally with each day reaching record highs.

* The S&P 500 and the NASDAQ have both set new all-time highs during this period.

* The US Stock Market has gained more than $5 trillion in wealth since Trump was elected!

* Virtually every major stock index is in record territory.


According to data released in December by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, President Trump added a projected 1.9 million jobs in the first eleven months of the year (January through November 2017) and 2.2 million jobs since last year’s election.

At the end of his 2nd term President Obama said that jobs were not coming back. (Obama lost (4.8 million) jobs in his first eleven months in office.)
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, under President Trump more Americans are in the work force than ever before. Over 160 million Americans are working for the first time in US history. President Trump is working hard to bring good paying jobs back to the US and his efforts are showing historic results. ADP reported 40,000 new manufacturing jobs in November. This was the highest reported monthly amount of new manufacturing jobs in the history of their report!


President Trump stepped into an economy in a quagmire.  Obama was the first President since at least 1949 to not have had at least one year of GDP growth greater than 3 percent.  President Trump has turned this around. The New York Federal Reserve recently revised its estimated fourth quarter GDP of 2017 up from 3.93 to 4.00 percent.  This is estimated to give President Trump an annual GDP rate of 2.9 or better for 2017.  According the Bureau of Economic Analysis the US GDP has reached an astounding $19.5 trillion. This is the highest GDP in US history.

In nearly every economic indicator the economy is moving in the right direction. If this continues President Trump will sit over one of the greatest, if not the greatest economic boom in US history.

Stock Market – Winning! Jobs – Winning! GDP – Winning! Trump – Winning! USA – Winning!

The year in journalism: Mainstream media flunks the Trump challenge

The following article appeared on Powerline on December 29th

By Paul Mirengoff

2017 posed a challenge to the mainstream media. Could it set aside its hatred of President Trump and report honestly on him and his administration? To the surprise of no one who had been paying attention, the media flunked this challenge.

The failure commenced immediately. The day Trump was inaugurated, a White House reporter claimed, incorrectly, that the Trump transition team had removed a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office.

“Sadly,” say the editors of the Washington Examiner, “this erroneous report and a handful of others on that same day breathlessly and unquestioningly parroted by reporters across platforms and outlets proved to be the norm, not the exception, for a year that has seen a dismaying and troubling decline in the quality of political journalism.” A few days after the phony MLK story, the Washington Post reported that the State Department’s entire senior administrative team had resigned en masse in protest of President Trump. The story was misleading at best, and the Post had to back away from it.
Trump vs the Media Wall
In February, the New York Times reported that “Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence.” But James Comey, testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, said of this story: “In the main, it was not true.”

In a June editorial about the shooting of Steve Scalise, the New York Times falsely stated that a link existed between political rhetoric and the 2011 shooting of Democrat congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. The Times was later forced to admit that “in fact, no such link was established.” (This wasn’t an anti-Trump story per se, but the story wrongly attacked Sarah Palin, an early Trump supporter, and the falsehood stemmed from the same bias that drives big journalism’s resistance to the president).

Also in June, CNN falsely reported that then-Trump transition team official Anthony Scaramucci met with a Russian state bank four days before the inauguration. CNN had to retract the story and apologize to Scaramucci. It accepted “resignations” from the three reporters responsible for the story.

The same month, several mainstream media outlets followed the lead of the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman in reporting that all 17 American intelligence agencies agreed that Russia orchestrated hacking attacks during the 2016 presidential election. In reality, only the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, and the office of the director of national intelligence made this assessment. The Times was forced to issue a correction.
This month, ABC News reported, falsely, Michael Flynn would testify that Trump told him to make contact with Russian officials before the November election. And CNN falsely reported that members of the Trump campaign received an email offering a decryption key and website address for hacked Wikileaks documents on September 4. In reality, the email arrived ten days later, after all of the information contained therein was already publicly available.

These falsehoods (hat tip to The Daily Wire for collecting them) and others we could cite, have one thing in common — they all made Trump (or, in one case, Trump supporters) look bad. I’m not aware of any false stories peddled by the the mainstream media that made Trump look good.

The Examiner concludes:

Too many reporters have revealed this year they’re willing to believe the worst of this administration. “Too good to check” has never had it so good.

Clearly, the mainstream media has flunked the Trump challenge.

Record cold weather caused by…you guessed warming!

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on December 30th

Something that never interferes with the climate change indoctrinators is facts.  Since we are getting record cold, that is also caused by climate change and global warming and that is caused by humans, according to these so-called "experts."

From an article that made its way to USA Today:

This week's cold snap has brought record-low temperatures, freezing rain and heavy snow to much of the United States.  But 2017 is still on track to be the second- or third-hottest year ever recorded globally – and scientists say climate change is to blame[.] ...

Even this week's cold weather is probably being caused at least in part by global warming, said Jonathan Overpeck, a climate scientist at the University of Michigan.

These experts just make things up as they go.  Did any of them predict this?  I don't believe so, therefore they just change their predictions.  The computer models haven't predicted any climate or weather events with accuracy, so they just adjust the data. 
The record cold is caused by global warming in the same way that droughts are caused by too much rain and the record snow in Erie, Pennsylvania is caused by warm weather.  The ten-year gap between major storms and the almost twenty-year pause in warming are irrelevant, because the agenda must go on. 

The media will gladly reprint this crap as if it were true, and people like me who say truthfully that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally will be called stupid and deniers.

The media will also pretend the current economic growth is being caused by Obama (after an eight-year delay) instead of being caused by reduced regulations and the hope and now reality that people and businesses will be allowed to keep more of the money they earn.  The media will rewrite history as long as necessary to trash Trump and genuflect to Obama.

Maybe the media could list all the economic policies and regulations Obama proposed and implemented to help the overall economy grow faster.  I can't think of any. 

It is no wonder that the media are not trusted to report the truth when they reprint and believe the garbage that record cold is caused by global warming. 

I would like these scientists to go out and do a junior high science experiment that shows that warming causes cold or that CO2 causes warming.  They would find a zero correlation.

Trump to repeal Obama fracking rule

The following article appeared in the American Thinker on December 30th

The Trump administration has issued notice that it intends to repeal the 2015 Obama administration rule governing hydraulic fracturing on federal lands.  The rule was issued by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

The fracking rule never went into effect because the jurisdiction of BLM was challenged in court.  Now that it's coming off the books, court challenges will almost certainly be dropped.

The BLM's notice does not take a position on whether the agency ever had legal authority to enforce the law.  Republicans and the oil industry say that it did not, as did a federal judge in Wyoming who overturned the rule, only to be later overruled on appeal.
The 2015 rule came after years of deliberations within the Obama administration over how to deal with fracking.  The practice, in which fluids are forced underground at high pressure to recover oil and natural gas, has grown dramatically in recent years, leading to a massive domestic oil and gas boom.

Environmentalists argue that fracking can be dangerous for groundwater, soil[,] and air.  Federal research, including a major Environmental Protection Agency study, found that such contamination can happen, but is far from common.

The Obama rule focused mainly on three areas: mandating that companies disclose the chemicals they use to frack, requiring them to cover surface ponds that house fracking fluids[,] and setting standards for the construction of the wells.

The regulation never took effect.  Wyoming federal [j]udge Scott Skavdahl put it on hold in 2015, before overturning it in 2016.

The oil and gas industry applauded the repeal.

"The rescinding of this burdensome rule, which was never enacted due to IPAA and Western Energy Alliance's ongoing legal challenge, will save our member companies and those operating on federal lands hundreds of millions of dollars in compliance costs without any corresponding safety benefits," Barry Russell, president of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, said in a statement.

"It was clear from the start that the federal rule was redundant with state regulation and politically motivated, as the prior administration could not point to one incident or regulatory gap that justified the rule," said Kathleen Sgamma, president of the Western Energy Alliance.

Fracking has made the United States the number-one fossil fuel-producing nation in the world.  That millions of acres of federal land will now be open to fracking companies will only cement our position.

The rule represented typical bureaucratic overreach.  Environmentalists couldn't convince the EPA to limit fracking so they tried to use the BLM to advance their agenda.  The BLM had no business sticking its nose into an environmental issue that was already being regulated under federal and state law.  Now fracking on federal lands will be treated the same as drilling on private land.

This is great news for states like Wyoming and North Dakota that are already heavily involved in fracking.  And fees paid by drilling companies will fill the coffers of the government.  It's a win-win situation and another blow to the Obama-era regulatory regime.