Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The trouble with Mueller

The following article appeared on the American Thinker on October 30th

We've been hearing a ton of predictions about Monday, the day Mr. Mueller is supposed to announce some indictments. 

No matter what, Mr. Mueller's work is under intense pressure, as we saw when the Wall Street Journal called for his resignation, along with Guy Benson's interesting analysis

The Washington Post revealed Tuesday that the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee jointly paid for that infamous "dossier" full of Russian disinformation against Donald Trump. 

They filtered the payments through a U.S. law firm (Perkins Coie), which hired the opposition-research hit men at Fusion GPS. 

Fusion in turn tapped a former British spook, Christopher Steele, to compile the allegations, which are based largely on anonymous, Kremlin-connected sources. 

Strip out the middlemen, and it appears that Democrats paid for Russians to compile wild allegations about a U.S. presidential candidate. Did someone say "collusion"? 

This news is all the more explosive because the DNC and Clinton campaign hid their role, even amid the media furor after BuzzFeed published the Steele dossier in January. 

Reporters are now saying that Clinton campaign officials lied to them about their role in the dossier. 

Current DNC Chair Tom Perez and former Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz deny knowing about the dossier arrangement, but someone must have known. 

Perhaps this explains why Congressional Democrats have been keen to protect Fusion from answering dossier questions – disrupting hearings, protesting subpoenas and deriding Republican investigators.

It's only going to get more confusing as more information comes out this week and after.

It's time for Mueller to do the honorable thing and resign.  How can Mr. Mueller, or anyone else who has worked in the Deep State, honestly look at all of this without bumping into a conflict of interest along the way?

As the expression goes, when all else fails, read the instructions!  In this case, "the instructions" are in the U.S. Constitution that gives Congress oversight responsibilities. 

It is Congress, not Mr. Mueller, that should be conducting this investigation.  The U.S. Congress has its flaws, from grandstanding to partisanship, but it is the best place to conduct these hearings and to ask the questions that need answers.   

The Manafort Political Theater Project launched

The following article appeared on the American Thinker on October 30th

Some absurd MSM political theater is about to unfold, as if it were a serious scandal for Trump that a guy who was his campaign chairman for a few months is going to be charged for alleged crimes committed years before that relationship was forged.  Paul Manafort and his longtime protégé are the big news for the MSM to inflate into a conspiracy that traces back to the puppet master in the Kremlin.  They have been told to report for arrest, which means they are to be indicted.

Matt Apuzzo of the New York Times got the scoop.  He describes Gates as:

... a longtime protégé and junior partner of Mr. Manafort. His name appears on documents linked to companies that Mr. Manafort's firm set up in Cyprus to receive payments from politicians and businesspeople in Eastern Europe, records reviewed by The New York Times show. ...

Mr. Manafort had been under investigation for violations of federal tax law, money laundering and whether he appropriately disclosed his foreign lobbying.

The alleged offenses lie far in the past:

Mr. Manafort, a veteran Republican strategist, joined the Trump campaign in March 2016 to help keep delegates from breaking with Mr. Trump in favor of establishment Republican candidates. Mr. Trump soon promoted him to chairman and chief strategist, a job that gave him control over day-to-day operations of the campaign.

But Mr. Trump fired Mr. Manafort just months later, after reports that he received more than $12 million in undisclosed payments from Viktor F. Yanukovych, the former Ukrainian president and a pro-Russia politician. Mr. Manafort spent years as a political consultant for Mr. Yanukovych.

Amber Phillips of the Washington Post puts the dates and context around those years he spent as a consultant:

In 2005, Manafort got a job advising a Ukrainian steel magnate, one of the richest men in that country, on how to improve his business empire's public image. The job helped revive Manafort's political career and shore up his struggling finances[.] ...

And here's where Manafort's ties to pro-Russian politics really begins: His billionaire client was a supporter of Viktor Yanukovych, the prime minister of Ukraine and an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Yanukovych, too, had an image problem. He had just lost a nasty presidential election fight that was fraught with allegations of fraud, the poisoning of the pro-Western opposition leader, a court ruling invalidating Yanukovych's win, and widespread, violent protests that became known as the Orange Revolution. ...

Yanukovych had relied on Russian advisers for that disastrous election, and decided to turn to an American for a makeover (though PolitiFact reports that Manafort had actually unofficially counseled Yanukovych during that 2004 election).

Manafort officially worked as a political consultant for Ukraine's ruling party from circa 2006-07 to 2012.

The theory under which prosecutors work, of course, is to squeeze the little guy with the threat of prison and get him to implicate the higher-ups.  But for that strategy to work for Mueller on Manafort, there have to be facts to reveal.  So far, despite extensive private and prosecutorial research for over a year, there are no facts.

It's all a cover for Uranium One, and for a while, it is a pretty good one.  Meanwhile, the investigations will continue and evidence accumulated for a Justice Department to prosecute, under an attorney general who should be so inclined.  If not, Jeff Sessions will not survive the blowback and will be replaced.

Tough luck for Manafort and Gates.  I have no idea if they are guilty, but they are in for an expensive defense no matter what.  If you believe that Trump must be guilty of dirty business, then Manafort is going to be the mother lode.  So the excitement will be genuine today among the MSM talking heads and in the newsrooms.  And it will last for a while.

Ed.  So what have Manafort and Gates to do with the investigation which Mueller is “supposed” to be conducting? You know, that Russia/Trump conspiracy that everyone pretty much agrees doesn’t exist and never did?

Well, the answer is NOTHING! The Mueller inquisition has charged Manafort with crimes which took place years before he ever thought about managing a presidential campaign for Donald Trump.

But that doesn’t matter one whit. It’s all about diversion/changing the subject/providing media Democrats a story by which news of the day may be deflected from the criminal, treasonous activities of Hillary, Barack and YES, Mueller himself!

Dirty Democrats Panic – Demand Congress Pass a Bill to Protect Crooked Cop Mueller From Being Fired!

The following article appeared on the Gateway Pundit on October 30th

by Cristina Laila

The dirty Democrats are moving in to protect crooked cop Mueller who was specifically chosen to take down Trump et al under the guise of a ‘Russian collusion’ investigation. 

As The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft reported Monday morning, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and business partner Rick Gates were ordered to surrender to federal authorities. Manafort has officially surrendered to the FBI, having entered the Bureau’s Washington, D.C. headquarters shortly after 8:00am EST. 

Mueller announced these charges because he is under such pressure to step down.  There is no reason for his investigation and Americans know it.  Mueller’s announcement is just to change the discussion and narrative in the fake news MSM. 

Dirty and corrupt Democrats never recuse themselves from obvious conflicts of interest when required by law. Robert Mueller is example number one.  He should recuse himself from the fraudulent special investigation he is overseeing and then he should be disbarred, prosecuted and punished.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, the 200+ transactions listed in the indictment on pages 7 through 14 – with the exception of 4 transactions from 2014.

All of the transactions listed are from the years 2006 to 2013.

This was years before President Donald Trump announced his intentions to run for President.
This is ALL a witch hunt.

The Democrats know this investigation is a witch hunt which is why they are demanding Congress protect dirty cop Mueller!

The Washington Examiner reported the dirty Dems including Nancy Pelosi are demanding Congress pass a bill to protect Mueller from being fired!

Democrats demanded Monday that Congress approve a bill preventing the special counsel from being fired after Robert Mueller unsealed charges against three former Trump campaign officials concerning their work with or on behalf of Russian interests.

Sen. Mark R. Warner, Virginia Democrat and vice chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, said the charges against Mr. Trump’s former campaign chairman and top deputy, and the guilty plea from a foreign policy advisor, are reasons to quickly protect Mr. Mueller from interference by an angry president.

“Members of Congress, Republican and Democrat, must also make clear to the president that issuing pardons to any of his associates or to himself would be unacceptable, and result in immediate, bipartisan action by Congress,” Mr. Warner said in a statement.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she still wants to see yet another investigation launched.

Meanwhile Hillary’s camp paid MILLIONS of dollars for a Russian dossier, a fraudulent document that most likely prompted a FISA warrant and ultimately led to the unmasking of Trump and his associates.

Hillary’s campaign is actually bragging about their collusion with the Russians during the 2016 presidential election.

As previously reported, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders slammed Hillary Clinton Saturday morning after her former spokesman said he’s “damn glad” Clinton’s campaign colluded with the Russians to spread disinformation about Trump. 
Hillary Clinton also approved of the sale of 20% of America’s Uranium to a Russian nuclear firm that was under FBI investigation while she was Secretary of State as $145 million flowed to her Clinton Foundation.

Mueller has already proven that he is a dirty cop.  He should now recuse himself, and then be disbarred, prosecuted on numerous crimes and punished.  His scandalous investigation never had and certainly currently has no merit.   “Lock Him Up!”

Ed. Mueller is changing the subject/providing cover for half the corruptocrats in D.C.  Of COURSE they want to protect him in his phony pursuit of the guiltless.

Fun living in totalitarian California

Ed.  Jerry Todd sent along this list of Progressive legislation passed in the People’s Republic of California during the past year. When you’re dumbfounded by the antics of Jeff Sessions—the Trump Administration’s premiere sell-out--just remember that things might be worse. You could be living in California!

Update today from Jeff Stone, Republican state senator on the further progressive destruction of CA:

Hello my friends,

Friday will be the end of this legislative year. Here are some of the highlights of this session:

1. SB-1: increases your gas taxes by approximately 20 Cents (Nov 1) and your vehicle license fees by an average of $100 (Jan 1st).
2. Passed Cap N Tax which will increase gas 0.63 to 0.93 cents a gallon change and the taxes that go with it.
3. Proposed increase on a new tax every residence will pay for tap water in the State!
4. A $3.46B parks bond to pay  for parks in "disadvantaged communities"  meaning Los Angeles. We will get the crumbs.
The debt service will be over $200 million a year. The good news is some money goes to help fix the Salton Sea which should have always been a State responsibility!
5. Law to release any lifer (murder, rape , child molestation, etc) who is :
  A. 60 years old
  B. Already spend 25 years in prison!
  Charles Manson qualifies today and the Melendez brothers that murdered their parents could be released in about 12 years? What about victims?
6. A new $10 charge on all residents living in a mobile home parks to address living condition enforcement in those parks? Why does the left embrace these regressive taxes on the poor?
7. We picked an official dinosaur of the State of California. Really ? Yes!
8. Blackmail Tesla to either unionize with the United Auto Workers Union or forfeit State incentives to buy their electric cars! Just another Union Grab!
9. Reduce from a felony to a misdemeanor the purposeful intent to transmit the AIDS virus to a unknowing partner.
10. Give preferential treatment to prisoners convicted of serious crimes that are less than 25 years old because their brains are not mature enough to understand right from wrong. Whaaat? My DAD's belt taught me right from wrong real early in my life ! If the brains of our kids don't mature until 25, why do we allow them to vote ?
11. A bill to require our true sex be omitted from drivers licenses? Whaaat?
12. Free legal services for illegal immigrants.
13. Establish safe "injection zones" run by government to oversee people injecting heroin! You have to be kidding me? Yep it passed!

Ed.  It's an honor to represent you; says one of California’s far left politicos. I'm just a little curious about the Jones-Sawyer moniker. Did he keep his maiden name when he married his wife/boyfriend/sig other?