Sunday, September 24, 2017

Wow! Luther Strange Campaign Worker Coaches Crowd to “Look Excited! Happy” During Rally

The following piece appeared on the Gateway Pundit on September 22nd

by Jim Hoft

President Trump is speaking at a rally Friday night for Alabama Senator Luther Strange.

Strange was appointed to the senate when Jeff Sessions was nominated Attorney General.

Trump supporters back conservative Judge Roy Moore.

Trump supports Mitch McConnell’s candidate Luther Strange.

Ed.  Luther Strange is the candidate supported to the tune of $20 million by donors in "swamp infested" Washington, DC. Mitch McConnell has been campaigning for Strange as has President Trump. But Trump admitted on Friday that he may have made "a big mistake" in supporting Strange. 

As of Friday, Moore holds an 8 point lead over Swamp-favorite Strange.  Mitch McConnell helped spineless, RINO Thad Cochran win his primary in Mississippi by paying Democrats to cross party lines and vote for him. McConnell and the RINO squad must not get away with this again.

Ed.  Please help Candidate Roy Moore defeat Mitch McConnell’s GOPe yes-man Luther Strange in the Alabama run-off election on September 26th.  Roy Moore is a strongly religious, pro-life conservative. Help him defeat Mitch McConnell’s choice by donating to Moore at this link.

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