Saturday, September 23, 2017

Was Irma Weaponized? A Follow Up

by Suzanne Eovaldli, staff writer

"Up to Florida" said a tree removal expert from VT, as he told me to look-up a video showing how the ocean had disappeared and the floor was exposed in Bermuda when Super Storm Irma hit that island chain.  When I said I didn't understand what he meant, the repairman said, "Look on the internet for the video of the boy in Bermuda walking out on his dock and looking down (to see) no ocean, no water…the ocean was gone!"  Another video   has an accompanying text that says "Ocean Floor Off Bahamas Exposed as Hurricane Irma" slams the island location.  IOW, Irma was so powerful, by then a Category 5 storm with sustained winds of 185 mph, that the hurricane actually sucked up and displaced the waters of the Atlantic Ocean!  "The Keys are gone," his fellow repairman said. 

As the VT tree removal crew waited in a long line of six utility and other emergency vehicles in front of my house, they told me: "The boss called late Thursday afternoon (9-7-17) and said (to) be ready to leave on a moment's notice." They traveled south throughout the 24 hour run up to Irma's arrival as storm escapees fled north on very slow moving lanes.  The rescue and repair crews were pre-positioned in an amazing choreography of men and vehicles, waiting to offer their services after the unwanted beast crawled out of Florida.  "We brought 29 men, 11 buckets (the high rise cherry picker trucks) and four pickup trucks.  They were part of the massive convergence of power restoration crews flooding into Florida from CA, Canada, VT and NH. KY sent their ambulance strike force and MA and MN sent medical, search and rescue teams.  Bivouac staging areas were set up near the Ocala, Gainesville areas and included teams from LA, MS, WI, OH, IN and TX, all awaiting their assignments especially to the hardest hit areas along the West Coast, Southern Florida and into the Keys.  Ocala International Airport was the site of small planes whose owners--one a Delta Airbus pilot out of Atlanta--quickly put together an air bridge to deliver water, mac and cheese and other food and supplies to areas too difficult to reach over clogged roads and destroyed traffic routes.

But back to the scary scenario that weather “truthers” now are posting on the web.  Mike Adams, Health Ranger, admits that "I'm not the expert in this area and I haven't reached a solid conclusion yet. However, I do know that exotic technologies exist which are fully capable of weather modification and augmentation.  That is not in doubt."  Mainstream scientist Michio Kaku said in a CBS interview: "By firing trillion-Watt lasers, you rip apart the electrons creating what are called ions and these ions act like seeds, like dust particles, bringing down rain and even lightning."

HAARP--High Frequency Active Research Program--was founded by the US government in l993.  But a UK print outlet states: "Officially it was established to analyse the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance; but for decades it's been regarded in some circles as an experiment in weaponizing weather." The HAARP (two AAs) antennae field is located at a remote US Air Force base in Alaska."  Here the apparatus is close to big amounts of needed natural gas to power its turbines and "interlinking wires create a net of electricity just below the clouds."

Weather geo-engineering watchdog Dane Wigington posted for over 28 MILLION viewers who watched and read his research while trying to discover if someone out there is messing with Mother Nature.  He has posted a list of 153 patents issued by the US Patent and Trademark office covering many aspects, such as producing artificial fogs, patented way back on 4-10-1928, to the "Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming" project registered on 3-26-1991.  Or how about this mouthful: "Process for Making Synthetically Spun Silk Nanofibers," patented on 4-29-2000. Kaku says: "Weather modification technology exists right now and is well known across the scientific community.  Its existence isn't a conspiracy theory or a hoax."

You can view a list of the weather modification patents at this link:  The new video on this subject and Irma can be studied at or go to Health Ranger.  "The evidence is clear," says Wigington!

The warning that "It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature" took a terrible turn with the deaths of eight seniors at a too hot care center, the hospitalization and deaths of nearly 25 Floridians from generator caused carbon monoxide poisoning, and the decimation of the Florida Keys.  What is going on?

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