Saturday, September 30, 2017

This war is to save our culture; the BLM/NFL want to destroy it and we can’t let them

By Kevin Collins

Make no mistake; this war is racial but only on one side. White America wants to go about our lives and not see race in football; but the BLM/NFL thugs want to make this war racial.  For calling it “racial” is their only hope to grab the high ground; and they are failing.

In this latest version of the “Season of The Angry Black Man” we have seen them roll out the biggest guns in the world of sports. But we don’t care. They didn’t learn the lesson of last November; we are teaching it to them. 

Using false claims of police brutality and hand wringing over every conceivable micro-aggression, they are pressing White America to once again give, give, give. We’re not buying it. We don’t care about making life better for butt-sore millionaires using childish tantrums to get their way.

We are not standing by and watching our culture destroyed so it can be replaced by one from the bowels of our society.

Under actual manly leadership we are choosing to fight; and like all bullies the BLM/NFL thugs don’t know how to handle our resistance.  

They are losing this war because we need only stop watching them disrespecting us and stop listening to their childishly expressed lectures to win. Now they, not us, are at the tipping point of defeat after only four weeks.

They are finding out that hiding behind the feigned “injury” of being called a son-of-a-bitch doesn’t ring very true coming from a gang that, on average, sees at least one of its members arrested every week. People who gyrate to profanity-laced rap music that degrades women and profanes the memory of the police officers their “culture” has murdered have no claim to being offended by a simple, every day expletive.

This is merely a red herring for their “owners” to hide behind while they take cover from an incoming backlash they never saw coming.

So here we are: let’s look at the score board shall we?

We in White America provide the families these BLM/NFL thugs come from with food, shelter, schooling, entertainment and anything else they demand. Through Affirmative Action we allow them to steal places in our society that we have to work to achieve.

We are told to smile and keep our thoughts to ourselves as our tax dollars pay for Historically Black Colleges that have turned into hate Whitey factories.    

We are told that children of illegal aliens here illegally are not responsible for the “crimes” of their parents; but White people who never held slaves must pay “slavery reparations” to Black people who never were slaves.

It is a shame that as in all wars, innocent people will suffer in this war; but that is the price for victory. We have given and given and given but now that they want our culture as well, the giving is over.

We have no intention of losing our culture to these lowlife thugs and we won’t.  And oh by the way, linking arms is ‘kaepernicking’ lite and it’s not fooling anyone but the media.  

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