Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The “experts” predicting a Trump loss are making believe they have never heard of dynamic scoring

The following article was originally posted on The Coach's Team on April 12th, 2016. The author was a pretty sharp cookie!

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The “experts” are using “reliable” polls to say Hillary Clinton would bury Donald Trump in a general election.

The “experts” are conveniently disregarding the dynamic scoring factor for obvious reasons.

We usually only see dynamic scoring in the disastrous results of Democrat legislatures raising taxes without regard for what social dynamic factors will do to their “projected” revenue yields.

As this faulty logic goes; if they get $100.00 in tax money from the sale of an item, it stands to reason that by doubling the tax to $200.00 the government will now receive twice as much tax income.

What often happens, however, is this double tax leads people to change their spending habits to avoid paying the increased levy. 

As a result, the yield often falls short of even the original level.   

Politicians and the pollsters they buy never factor in dynamic scoring because it doesn’t fit what they want.  

In the case of taxation it is usually foreseeable; in the case of polling for an election seven months from now dynamic scoring is always a prime factor and very predictable.

In a general election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton dynamic scoring is almost 100 percent of the ingredients that will determine the winner. They are equal in name recognition and funding so where is the dynamic scoring factor?

Clinton is a walking, target rich environment who has not had anyone press her and make her criminal record stick; and she has huge unfavorable ratings with virtually all groups, even with women who are supposed to be her main strength. Dynamic scoring will show up in Clinton’s actions and in-actions at Benghazi where four Americans died. It is found in her shameful attacks against the women her husband raped over the years.

Dynamic scoring will rip Hillary Clinton to pieces once Trump sinks his teeth into her. Making believe that these things won’t affect the election is as disingenuous as telling people that doubling taxes will double revenues.

There is a final bit of dynamic scoring that the “experts” are not considering. They will be very surprised at the blow back from the latest stunts from Ted Cruz and those who think we will vote for him when he is forced on us.                 

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