Thursday, September 28, 2017

The BLM/NFL: moving the goal posts but getting nowhere

By Kevin Collins

The merger of the police-hating Black Lives Matter thugs and the America-hating thugs of the National Football League will ultimately prove to be a disaster for the NFL. Their "kaepernicking" will be the death of their jobs.

It was probably inevitable that a major sport’s players would take their turn in the crosshairs of a totally WOKE, White American, super-majority. We are fed up with being attacked, disrespected, spit upon and the subject of never ending demands for more and more free stuff. 

We showed we didn’t need anybody else but ourselves to win last November. We lost the Black vote in a landslide – so what? We lost the Hispanic vote by a big margin – so what? Hey we even lost the Asian vote and none of this meant a thing.  We won anyway and they lost. Now we are progressing on the path toward straightening out what we know sorely needs straightening out. The thugs of the BLM/NFL have volunteered to be the next group in our woodshed.

Those who align themselves with the Antifa savages who beat up conservatives in wheel chairs and chase conservative children through the streets with nail studded sticks have WOKE us and we are ready and very much up to the fight.

It's bad enough that the BLM/NFL has decided it will align with those who hate us. But now they have the nerve to lecture us about what America is all about.

So what do these BLM/NFL thugs lecturers stand for?

They don’t know.

They think somehow that disrespecting us--the people who spend the money that makes their current lifestyle so much better than the life they grew up in--is how to treat their customer base. They think disrespect works in our world and they learning how wrong they are.

Because they have the minds of children locked in monster sized bodies they think they are somehow special and we will beg them to spit on us again and again, as long as the games go on.

They have always had their asses kissed because of their football prowess and they expect us to do the same. How wrong they are.

They are not of a particularly high character.  On average one BLM/NFL thug is arrested each week and it has been this way since Obama was in the White House. They are woman beaters, drug users and drunk drivers.  They have no claim to moral parity with us let alone superiority. 

Having worked with sports scholarship athletes in a college I’m not convinced that at least some of the BLM/NFL thugs aren’t illiterate – remember Dexter Manly?

Many of our would-be lecturers hate the police and don’t care who knows it. They come from neighborhoods no one would want to claim as home; but when we shrug and say “So what?” they don’t know how to deal with it.

They don’t understand that their being brought up by a single, teenaged mother with no father is not our problem. They don't understand that we only care about them as entertainers. Maybe the concussions they suffer are doing more damage than anyone thought.

If they fail us as entertainers; if they keep moving the goal post so we can never really satisfy their daily demands, they will be the big losers, not us.

BLM/NFL thugs should remember that our lives will be just fine without them; but their lives will not be just fine without us. Daring us not to watch their games is the babble of a spoiled child.

 Logic! It’s a beautiful thing!         

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