Monday, September 18, 2017

Corey Lewandowski’s pro-Trump Superpac to do battle with the left

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

"The deeply entrenched establishment refuses to step down and is attempting to overturn the 2016 election.  They've joined forces with the media to pump out fake news and sabotage President Trump," says former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski as he launches his new, "America F1rst Action Superpac." Promising to "challenge the fake news head-on, report the truth about president Trump's accomplishments and fight for the agenda you voted for," Lewandowski is making a nationwide appeal to loyal Trump supporters, Conservatives and Make America Great Again devotees to join him in this epic battle with the Deep State and compliant Media.
Corey Lewandowski

He admits that "some people in our own party," along with the media machine and deep state, are the worst roadblocks standing in the way of President Trump.  The main components of the MAGA agenda being implemented but which the media refuse to tell us about include:

"Illegal border crossings have dropped by 73%; 1.07 MILLION new American jobs; $850 BILLION in new American investments; $4 TRILLION added to the Stock Market; Appointment of fine, new Supreme Court Justice; Withdrawal of America from globalist Paris Climate Accord; and ripping up the job-killing TPP."  You can go to  to find out more about Lewandowski’s ‘America F1rst Action Superpac.’ It’s a safe bet that this great new action Pac will help to counter the myriad of action groups created by Democrats and Leftists, all determined to block the Trump Administration’s attempts to return America to the Constitutional government of the people, by the people and for the people.  You can E-mail Lewandowski directly at Send him the talking points and mission statements that you want to see implemented.

To assist Corey Lewandowski and become a founding member of, donation amounts are as follows: $15, $25, $50, $65, $100, and $250. "Just as you powered us to victory at the earliest stages of our campaign, I hope you can be a part of this special new TASK FORCE of the President's as we fight to put America First," says Lewandowski.

Meanwhile, CIA officer and Whistleblower Kevin Shipp lets it all hang out in his book "From the Company of Shadows," an insider view of the CIA by someone who lived in its top echelons.

Former anti-terrorism specialist Shipp warns that using the War on Terror's Patriot Act as justification, "Continuity of Government can suspend our Constitution" as Shadow operatives pull the strings in Washington, DC as they see fit.  The Tyranny of Silence is "flat out illegal and is directed at the American people," says Shipp.  He cites the CIA's 10 year “Secret” classification of their 9/11 information and he clearly was disturbed by the secrecy surrounding the plane crash of a B-29 AF Bomber in Waycross, GA. "What made it crash?" he asks as the files on this incident are shut and sealed.

The Shadow Government is the larger, general all-encompassing term and Deep State is the sub set of the government that really controls what happens. A must read, Shipp’s great book provides a breakdown of the unbelievable influence huge lobby dollars have on legislation as we are held hostage by all of these machinations. 

"Obama (has) plants in the Shadow Government," writes Shipp, as he gives talks to patriotic groups, explaining how complex and mysterious is the massive yottabytes complex at the Utah Data Center that tracks everything on everybody.  "The Shadow Government is a complex of secrecy, surveillance and covert operations the size of 23 capitol buildings and 3 Pentagons."  Shipp suffered much personal grief as did his family, even though he is a devoted Patriot and lover of our Constitution and our country.

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