Sunday, September 3, 2017

Aggressive Vaccination Protocol Causing Autism in American Infants

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

One in every two babies born in the USA will be affected by autism in just 15 years if the current statistical curve continues unabated, according to a seven part docu-series! (

Our rates of autism currently are at one in 45 children per year being written in on the autism spectrum nightmare.  Even though we are the most vaccinated, we have the worst infant mortality rate, at rank #34 in world statistics for infant deaths.  "The US gets the most vaccinations in the world," continues the series, narrated by Ty Bollinger.  Our infants receive 26 "vaxxs" up to their first year of age and a scary 72 doses before the age of 18.  By the first and second months of their fragile lives our babies receive the followingjabs: Hep B, RV, DTaP, Hib, PCV, IPV and that increases by 18 months to include a yearly influenza injection, MMR one in 3 jab, Varicella, and Hep A shots. 

The popular holistic doctor, Dr. Joseph Mercola, is asking parents if the benefits of America's rigorous vaxx schedule balance the risks? He, along with many other experts and citizen researchers in this series, is urging us to take responsibility for our own children, the health of our families.  Mike Adams, Health Ranger and other speakers tell parents not to be intimidated by doctors and the entire medical-industrial complex which react very strongly when parents refuse aggressive introduction of foreign substances into their child's body.  One professional, Allison Folmar, said, "It's out of control; the presumption of guilt is now the burden on the parents." One study even points to black baby boys being the worst affected! "My child will never date; he will never marry, hold a job/he will need care all of his life," a mother cried in front of a picture of her 22 year old son with the mind of a five year old as he jumped up and down on a trampoline outside of her window.  When one couple at the last minute refused the nurse's attempt to jab their baby, she reacted with anger because "She had already opened up the vaxx syringe package!"

A very moral and ethical doctor described in one episode how "I lost over $1 million dollars for (giving) less vaccinations!"  His name is not being given in this report because doctors who buck the established US health and regulation agencies are met with enormous sanctions and pressures if they do not comply with the governmental stipulations.  America's vaccination protocols are a huge, money driven system.  "Doctors are just driven by money, not what's best for our children."  He revealed that the overhead for pediatricians is enormous, about 80% of a total medical office's operations. Many doctors would not survive without the money that the vaxx system provides them.  One large US health insurance company is said "to punish severely" doctors who are not 63% compliant.  That means at least 63% of their small patients must complete the "combo 10 by the second birthday" recommendation for doctor bonuses which could run as much as $400 per child.

But countries like Iceland, Norway and especially Japan wait until after a child's immune system is better developed, to around three years of age, before implementing such aggressive vaccination schedules.  A Japanese spokesman in this anti-vaxx series said a delayed schedule is preferred because the infant's immune system is not yet developed when given vaccinations which over stimulate the tiny immune response. Australia, however, appears to be as stringent as our country with its "no jab, no pay" rules for child ‘rebates.’

One attorney who takes vaccination cases to court said he held up a 1/2 cent mock-up of a US penny behind the wheelchair of a vaxx damaged boy whose eyes rolled to the ceiling and whose mouth fell open with uncontrollable motions. "1/2 of one penny is all it takes to produce safer vaccinations," the attorney told the courtroom.  The Hannah Poling case of 2008 is the watershed legislation that was leaked out after the government's settlement to pay the damaged child $1 million for her vaccination injury.  The government reluctantly conceded her brain damage and autism were linked to her body's reaction to the vaccinations given to her.

But parents, ethical doctors and health professionals along with Americans in general are fighting an uphill battle to get the medical-pharmaceutical regulators, practitioners and developers to listen to them. The Nuremberg Code of 1947 was discussed in this docuseries as giving American parents the freedom of medical choice to avoid government control over the bodies of their children and themselves.  Discussion included the forced medical oppression of World War II medical experiments on prisoners as being the background for this important international initiative.  "We are in a catastrophe," one commentator said.  Herd immunity should not be the entire rationale for the government's push of unwanted vaxx injections into school age children.  Permutations of the vaccines, environmental events and ever changing strains, especially of the flu, help to give a larger picture of why this fear tactic should be re-evaluated.  America's war against its weakest, most vulnerable population is its present day dilemma that will affect this country for the rest of its existence.  One woman asked her audience, "How did we get to this…why did we let this happen?"

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