Saturday, September 30, 2017

President Trump has finally thrown down the gauntlet

The following article appeared on The American Thinker on September 27th

A medieval knight would challenge an opponent by throwing his "heavy, armored glove," or gauntlet, at the feet of his opponent, thus "throwing down the gauntlet."  After years of Republican indifference and acquiescence to the erosion of our values and our heritage, President Trump has finally thrown down the gauntlet at the feet of the progressive left, challenging their attempt to discredit our anthem, our flag, and all they represent.

Rush Limbaugh on his Tuesday show said the NFL take-a-knee protest is "exactly what it looks like when the disease, the cancer of liberalism infects and corrupts an institution."  And the frantic reaction to the President's challenge is exactly what you get when someone, finally, dares to throw down the gauntlet.

Until Donald Trump came along, no Republican since President Reagan ever threw down the gauntlet about anything, submitting and succumbing instead to every media narrative, to every liberal agenda, to every Obama apology for America, and to every attempt to eviscerate our shared history and heritage.

Kurt Schlichter, writing at, says of the reaction to Trump's throwing down the gauntlet on the anthem and the flag (emphasis original):

Now we suddenly discover that fighting back is horribly uncouth and déclassé and "Oh, well I never!"

... We aren't going away; business as usual is over. We aren't just giving up, tossing away our country, and submitting to the ruling caste. We were nice with the Tea Party. Trump's not as nice. 

Schlichter further notes that we are awakening to "the indisputable truth of our enemy's implacable hatred for us and everything we hold dear – like America."  "This is how they seek to break us."

What have Republicans ever done about any of this?  The "loyal opposition," which we have elected in vain for years, has been loyal to no one but its own members.
  • An Obamacare law put in place through a farce of democracy is loyally opposed by self-serving Republicans only until it is time for action.
  • A Republican House and Senate hold endless hearings on Russian collusion, while a special prosecutor hamstrings the Trump presidency, all while Hillary Clinton sells books and jokes about wiping her email server "with a cloth."
  • An aide to Democrat Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is arrested attempting to flee the country after transferring $300,000 to "an account in Pakistan," where his wife had already fled.
  • The attorney general overseeing the "Fast and Furious" gun-running scheme is held in contempt of Congress but is now leading the Democrats' attempt to redistrict the 2020 congressional map.
  • The IRS delay and denial of Tea Party applications for non-profit status in advance of the 2012 election also results in a contempt of Congress finding, but no penalty is enforced there, either.
  • Former President Obama creates the narrative that "police acted stupidly" in the 2009 arrest of Harvard professor Skip Gates, a prelude to fanning the flames over Ferguson, Missouri and a precursor to the current NFL protests.
  • Meanwhile, the history-erasing left is busy taking down any historical statue leftists can get away with removing.
Victor Davis Hanson, writing at American Greatness, adds to the list the Susan Rice Benghazi video story and the James Comey Hillary Clinton "matter."  Add to that the Samantha Powers "unmasking" matter. 

For the icing on the corruption cake, add the "Obama administration's massive shakedown of Big Banks over the mortgage crisis" that was used to fund "radical leftist groups that are now vehemently opposing the policies of President Trump," as reported at American Thinker.

And where has the Republican-led Congress been on all of these matters?  Pretty much nowhere. 

Enter President Trump.  Faced with the reality of sending our sons and daughters to defend our way of life under the American flag, many returning with no legs or worse, the president has seen enough.

After years of Republican capitulation and abdication to the media-driven left-wing agenda, President Trump has finally thrown down the gauntlet.

It Begins. Owner of Historic US Clothing Company Pulls Ads from NFL Games

The following article appeared on the Gateway Pundit on September 27th

by Jim Hoft

Allan Jones, CEO of Hardwick Clothing and Check Into Cash payday loan company, announced on Tuesday he is through with sponsoring the wardrobes and advertising on the NFL.

Hardwick Clothing is America’s oldest suit maker.
Allan Jones

In his statement Jones said, “Our companies will not condone unpatriotic behavior!”
The Times Free Press reported:

Two years ago, Cleveland, Tenn., businessman Allan Jones was proudly showing off his newly acquired Hardwick Clothing-brand suits by providing the wardrobe for NBC’s on-air talent during the network’s broadcasts of NFL football games.

But after NFL players and coaches challenged President Donald Trump and many took a knee during the national anthem played before their games over the weekend, Jones said he is through sponsoring the wardrobes or advertising on stations that air the National Football League.

Jones, CEO of the payday lending chain Check Into Cash and owner of Hardwick Clothes — America’s oldest suit maker — tweeted his criticism and change of heart Tuesday.

This war is to save our culture; the BLM/NFL want to destroy it and we can’t let them

By Kevin Collins

Make no mistake; this war is racial but only on one side. White America wants to go about our lives and not see race in football; but the BLM/NFL thugs want to make this war racial.  For calling it “racial” is their only hope to grab the high ground; and they are failing.

In this latest version of the “Season of The Angry Black Man” we have seen them roll out the biggest guns in the world of sports. But we don’t care. They didn’t learn the lesson of last November; we are teaching it to them. 

Using false claims of police brutality and hand wringing over every conceivable micro-aggression, they are pressing White America to once again give, give, give. We’re not buying it. We don’t care about making life better for butt-sore millionaires using childish tantrums to get their way.

We are not standing by and watching our culture destroyed so it can be replaced by one from the bowels of our society.

Under actual manly leadership we are choosing to fight; and like all bullies the BLM/NFL thugs don’t know how to handle our resistance.  

They are losing this war because we need only stop watching them disrespecting us and stop listening to their childishly expressed lectures to win. Now they, not us, are at the tipping point of defeat after only four weeks.

They are finding out that hiding behind the feigned “injury” of being called a son-of-a-bitch doesn’t ring very true coming from a gang that, on average, sees at least one of its members arrested every week. People who gyrate to profanity-laced rap music that degrades women and profanes the memory of the police officers their “culture” has murdered have no claim to being offended by a simple, every day expletive.

This is merely a red herring for their “owners” to hide behind while they take cover from an incoming backlash they never saw coming.

So here we are: let’s look at the score board shall we?

We in White America provide the families these BLM/NFL thugs come from with food, shelter, schooling, entertainment and anything else they demand. Through Affirmative Action we allow them to steal places in our society that we have to work to achieve.

We are told to smile and keep our thoughts to ourselves as our tax dollars pay for Historically Black Colleges that have turned into hate Whitey factories.    

We are told that children of illegal aliens here illegally are not responsible for the “crimes” of their parents; but White people who never held slaves must pay “slavery reparations” to Black people who never were slaves.

It is a shame that as in all wars, innocent people will suffer in this war; but that is the price for victory. We have given and given and given but now that they want our culture as well, the giving is over.

We have no intention of losing our culture to these lowlife thugs and we won’t.  And oh by the way, linking arms is ‘kaepernicking’ lite and it’s not fooling anyone but the media.  

Friday, September 29, 2017

Wonder Woman breathes new life into DC's moribund movie universe

By Jim Bray

DC Comics has a decidedly spotty track record when it comes to movies being made from their catalogue. Going into this review, I could count on one hand the DC superhero movies I've enjoyed over the decades: the Richard Donner Superman from 1978 and the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy from the 2000's, with perhaps an honourable mention for Tim Burton's first Batman from 1989.

That leaves more than a few Superman movies out, as well as such forgettable titles as Green Lantern.

Then, along comes Wonder Woman - starring a woman, directed by a woman and featuring a nicely mixed cast racially and ethnically - and I figured it would just be another of "Hollowwood's" attempts to preach social justice warrior propaganda to the unwashed masses.
Except that I was wrong. Sure, we get lines such as that from Wonder Woman herself (who, surprisingly enough, is never referred to by that title in this film) about how men are necessary for procreation but not pleasure - and we have the Muslim sidekick who wants to be an actor but his skin is the wrong colour and the indigenous sidekick who's in Europe because at least he's free, now that the white man has taken his land and his life - but other than those brief moments director Patty Jenkins and screenwriter Allan Heinberg don't beat us over the head with liberal dogma.

What Wonder Woman is, then, is a mostly terrific origin story (my favourite type of superhero movie) that pits a guileless and noble but very powerful role model for either sex against an eternal evil that's manipulating humanity to ensure endless war.

Yep, the bad guy is a fictionalized version of George Soros! Okay, I'm kidding. I think…

The film opens on what American spy Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) refers to later as Paradise Island, a beautiful, idyllic place hidden from the rest of the world by some kind of magical force field, where a race of Amazon women live (nope, it isn't the moon!) in peace, cut off from human society as a defense mechanism to keep them safe from the evil God of War, Ares. Then Steve Trevor, escaping from what appears to be the entire German navy, flies through the field in a stolen German plane and crashes into the sea.

Diana, princess of the Amazons, witnesses the crash and dives in to rescue the pilot in a scene very reminiscent of Ariel saving Eric in The Little Mermaid. In fact, when she drags Trevor onto the beach and leans over him, I said to my wife "if she breaks out into the reprise of 'Part of your world' I'm out of here!". She doesn't and I wasn't, and I'm glad.

Then the Germans stumble through the barrier and all heck breaks loose on Paradise Island as the Amazon women - and Trevor - are forced to fight for their lives, using arrows and spears against the "modern" German ordnance. The result is Diana's epiphany that she has to leave the island and enter the world of Men (oops "People!") in order to kill the evil God Ares and bring peace to the earth.

To do this, she wants to cross the lines of the World War I trenches to confront the person she believes is Ares, much to the chagrin of Steve Trevor (and the entire allied establishment, it seems). But Trevor made her a promise, so he puts together the ragtag group of diverse mercenaries mentioned above and they follow Diana into the living hell of WWI life.
They had actually figured they'd lead her there, but Diana is a person of action and not about to wait for permission from the powers that be.

Yep, Wonder Woman is really president Donald Trump!

There's plenty of action, some terrific special effects (and a lot of obvious CG) and a decent story in which this powerful but innocent woman finds meaning in her life, finds love, and ultimately finds herself a big part of the DC universe just in time for a Justice League movie.

The best thing about Wonder Woman is Wonder Woman. By that, I mean Gal Gadot, the actress who plays Diana Prince. She's perfect here, beautiful and competent, innocent but with a steel spine, firm yet gentle when possible. And the camera absolutely loves her - when she's on screen it's like there's a light emanating from her. The movie is worth watching just because of her' fortunately there's plenty more to like about the movie as well.

I have no idea how this Wonder Woman fits in with the character's history. I was a DC comics guy when I was a kid, but never read Wonder Woman, and I never watched the TV series with Lynda Carter either. So other than the pop culture references it's hard to avoid over the years (and the very forgettable Batman v. Superman) this was my introduction to the character - and I want more.

Warner Brothers has released Wonder Woman in a variety of formats, including the 4K UHD disc I had requested for review, but Warners' 4K screeners are scarcer than hen's teeth so far so I had to "suffer through" the conventional, 1080p Blu-ray. Fortunately, it's terrific!

The package also includes a DVD and digital copy code.

I watched the first half of the Blu-ray in its native 1080p and it looked great. Detail is rich and so is the colour, when the scenes actually display some colour (a lot of the film looks kind of sterile, almost as if they were going for a "sepia-compatible" look during the scenes not set on the gorgeously-rendered Paradise Island - a place that would make Peter Jackson's Elrond jealous that his Rivendell is so dumpy by comparison.  

I watched the second half up converted to 4K via Oppo's UDP-205, both resolutions viewed on my reference Panasonic 4K TV. I've traditionally never been a fan of "fudged" picture technology but the technology has matured to the point that I actually preferred the up converted picture to the native 1080p; it's smoother and even without the advantage of true 4K with HDR still looked fantastic. I can only imagine how great the real 4K disc must look. 

Audio is presented in Dolby Atmos, which most people don't have in their home theatre systems. Fortunately, the Dolby folks have taken care of this, and non-Atmos systems can partake of the backwards-compatible Dolby True HD instead - and it's terrific. Not only does the sound fill the room, emanating from all of the speakers you have in your system, the low frequency effects will rattle everything you don't have tied down, and the overall fidelity is top notch. It's a dynamic and exciting sound track.

There's also a decent selection of extras on the disc (and the DVD). They include:

  • Finding the Wonder Woman Within (a look at the character and its influence)
  • Crafting the Wonder (cast and crew interviews in which they talk about the plot, the characters and the overall production, accompanied by behind the scenes footage)
  • The Trinity (how WW stacks up compared with a couple of other DC superheroes)
  • The Wonder Behind the Camera (a look at women involved in the production and their contributions. Yep, a feminist circle jerk)
  • Warriors of Wonder Woman (a peek at the Amazon warriors)
  • Wonder Woman at War (shooting the "No Man's Land" sequence)
  • Themyscira: The Hidden Island (On location)
  • Beach Battle (director Jenkins outlines the preparation for the first battle sequence in the film)
  • A Photograph Through Time (looks at the photograph Warners/DC is using to connect WW with other DC films)
  • Diana in the Modern World (Diana's reaction to women of the 21st Century)
  • Epilogue: Etta's Mission (Trevor's secretary gets her own moment of glory)

There are also some deleted/extended scenes, a blooper reel and a teaser trailer for the upcoming Justice League movie.

I could take or leave some of the extras - which isn't unusual - but I'm really glad I saw Wonder Woman. Not only is it a terrific superhero movie, it's a DC movie that doesn't suck, and that makes it unusual.

Welcome back, DC.  Keep up the good work!

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