Monday, August 28, 2017

We cannot let Mitch McConnell “Cochran” us

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

In 2014, a fumbling old man was about to be replaced as a United States Senator from Mississippi when the Republican establishment, led by the same people who run the senate today, stepped in and pulled the dirtiest of tricks to save the old fool’s rubber stamp vote.

That year as every year in almost all Southern states the real election was the Republican primary. Democrats don’t have a chance of winning a general election in the region and could barely put up a fight.

We the honest American people, who want to make America Great Again, had a candidate in that primary named Chris McDaniel. McDaniel finished well ahead of Republican incumbent Thad Cochran in the first round of the primary but lost to him in the second round even though it was clearly obvious that the Republican establishment had PAID Black Democrats to crossover and vote in the Republican primary second round.

McDaniel lost 51/49 to the disgraceful Cochran who had no problem having paid Democrats vote for him over McDaniel; he went on to win re-election in November’s general election.

McDaniel pointed out the voter fraud involved in Cochran’s victory but was ultimately turned away by a state court system made up of the same type of low rent people who had engineered the theft of McDaniel’s lead in the first place. “A fox guarding the hen house,” comes to mind.

The court attributed no weight to the racially offensive ads run by Cochran supporters aimed at painting McDaniel as an enemy of Black people. The Republican Party played the race card on one of its own fine young candidates to keep a decrepit old fake in office knowing they could command him to vote anyway they wanted him to vote. Now Roy Moore of Alabama is being targeted by the same people using the same dirty tricks and schemes they used to save Cochran’s seat.

Moore is the far better candidate of the two remaining contenders to hold the Alabama U S Senate seat vacated by now Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He is outspoken and was not hesitant to tell the truth during an exclusive interview with Moore outlined how his challenger, Luther Strange, the interim Senator from Alabama who holds the Session seat, is being supported by the GOPe which will stop at nothing to get its way.

Moore fingered Senate Leader Republican Mitch McConnell as planning to use crossover Democrats to pull Strange over the line when the runoff election is held on September 26, 2017.

Summing up his situation Moore said, “They’re trying to win any way they can, no matter how dirty and how underhanded the tactics. They’ve already put out campaign ads that were false. And they’ll continue to do things like this, because they cannot win on their own merits. They can only win by diminishing the other candidates.”

The circumstances under which Luther Strange was selected to fill the Sessions seat make Moore’s case.

Luther Strange, the former Attorney General of Alabama, “…was appointed by ex-Governor Bentley when he was supposed to be investigating [then Alabama Governor Robert] Bentley [for criminal violations, for which he has been convicted, committed while he was in office.]”

For conservatives it is hard not to like Roy Moore and the steadfastness with which he refuses to stand down from the positions he believes in. He is a strongly religious man who is ethical to his core. He is pro-life and defends actual marriage with all his strength.

Would it have been better if Congressman Mo Brooks, the third Republican in the primary, had finished ahead of Moore? Maybe, maybe not; but McConnell would be doing the same thing to Brooks. Either man would vote the right way on the issues we care about. So the man for conservatives to support is Roy Moore.

Don’t let us be ‘Cochraned’ by the GOPe again.

Donate your time and effort to help Roy Moore beat Luther Strange aka Mitch McConnell if you can; but if not, send this good man a donation to help him win this one for us. DONATE TO MOORE AT THIS LINK.

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