Saturday, August 26, 2017

Led by Rep. Steve Cohen, the left seeks to send the alt-right to concentration camps

The following article appeared on Flopping Aces on August 19th

By Dr. John

Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) is introducing articles of impeachment against Donald Trump because Trump won’t suspend the Constitutional rights of the alt-right.

Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee announced Thursday he is introducing articles of impeachment against President Trump following the violence in Virginia.

Mr. Cohen, a Democrat, said Mr. Trump failed the “presidential test of moral leadership” in the wake of the bloody clashes between white nationalist groups and rival protesters in Charlottesville.

“I have expressed great concerns about President Trump’s ability to lead our country in the Resolution of No Confidence (H.Res. 456) that I introduced in July with 29 of my colleagues; however, after the President’s comments on Saturday, August 12 and again on Tuesday, August 15 in response to the horrific events in Charlottesville, I believe the President should be impeached and removed from office,” Mr. Cohen said in a release.  

“Instead of unequivocally condemning hateful actions by neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Klansmen following a national tragedy, the President said ‘there were very fine people on both sides,’” he said. “There are no good Nazis. There are no good Klansmen.”

That of course is hyperbolic, highly inflammatory and outright false. We have already shown that there were people not Neo-Nazis or Klansmen who were in Charlottesville to protest the removal of statuary. From the NY Times, no less. His words of “moral leadership” are hollow and vapid. Cohen asserts that Trump cannot discern the difference between a Nazi and a protester.

He added, “What happened in Charlottesville showed that the president can’t discern the difference between a domestic terrorist and a protester. He can’t distinguish between citizens, Americans who are objecting to abhorrent behavior of Klansmen and Nazis and Nazis and Nazis and Klansmen. That demonstration in
Charlottesville reminded me of Kristallnacht in 1938 in Germany. It reminded me of Klan rallies with the torches. Those people were yelling, ‘Jews will not take our jobs.’ They do not like African-Americans. They don’t like Jews. They don’t like America.”

Not liking someone is not the same as killing them. I am no apologist for the alt-right but wow this is over the top rhetoric. The Neo-Nazis have yet to start killing any religious group en masse and the Klan wouldn’t get very far trying to lynch anyone today. The last time it did happen the Klan paid dearly for it:

The murder of Michael Donald in Mobile, Alabama in 1981 was the last recorded lynching in the United States.[1][2] Several Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members beat and killed Michael Donald, a young African-American man, and hung his body from a tree. One perpetrator, Henry Hays, was sentenced to death and executed in 1997, while another, James Knowles, was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty and testifying against Hays. A third man was convicted as an accomplice, and a fourth indicted but he died before his case could be completed at trial.

The execution of Hays was the first in Alabama since 1913 for a white-on-black crime. It was the only execution of a KKK member during the 20th century for the murder of an African-American.[3] Donald’s mother brought a civil suit for wrongful death against the United Klans of America (UKA), to which the attackers belonged. In 1987 a jury awarded her damages of $7 million, which bankrupted the organization. This set a precedent for civil legal action for damages against other racist hate groups.

The irony is that it is Cohen who lost his grip. The media would have you believe that the protesters in Charlottesville were all clergy members and peaceful students. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

And do not be distracted from the accusation that Trump considers both the alt-right and the counter protesters to be “equal.” They clearly are not but short of committing a crime, they are equal under the law. It is irritating but not surprising that the media is not in the least interested in this concept. The President did condemn the violence but the truth is that both sides were involved in the violence and it was the counter protesters who sparked the violence when they attempted to physically block the alt-right from lawfully entering the park. I have yet to see this mentioned anywhere in the media. There were two earlier protests in Charlottesville that went on without any major conflict.

What was different this time?

If you look at the pictures of the earlier rallies, you’ll see something you didn’t see in this latest event- police presence in the middle of the event. The police in the most recent episode are absent. They were on the sidelines watching. They were not proactive. They were barely even active. The National Guard had been mobilized but they were also held back.

That’s because Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Mayor Michael Signer wanted conflict. Heather Heyer paid for that with her life. Now the blame is being placed on the alt-right and Donald Trump and don’t you dare try to argue with facts. Cohen and the left now want to exact revenge for the loss of the election. The way this is going, they won’t be satisfied until all of the alt-right are interned in concentration camps. After all, democrats are no strangers to internment.

You might notice that Cohen has more than a passing resemblance to Heinrich Himmler. The irony abounds.

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