Friday, June 9, 2017

The “Great Meanness” of TIME Magazine Toward Donald Trump

by Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

"There's a great meanness out there that I'm surprised at," President Trump told the TIME triumvir of wordsmiths in its "Trump After Hours" take-down of the People's new President.  This TIME magazine cover story featured a plethora of subliminal photos, negative images and suggestive repetitions of the media's leftist mantra, told below the threshold of our consciousness in order to stimulate and reinforce the left’s continuing negative Trump psalm.

The most prevalent message about President Trump occurs over and over in the magazine's back-to-camera photo choices.  These negative, subliminal images occur at points in the piece which appeared in print with a dateline of May 22, 2017, but were up on digital ten days earlier.  This is significant because the TIME hit piece had to be "put to bed" at least another 2-3 weeks earlier with the two correspondents and TIME editor's hard copy in pre pub write and re-write prep being "at typewriter" close to or at mid to end of April 2017.  So keep in mind what you are reading here is cleverly crafted story design and photo editing that by no means is happenstance but rather is hard-wired to deliver a very definite message to TIME's readership. 

This prevailing back-to-camera photo messaging comes at these piece points:

a. Trump walking down the White House hall on a red carpet, left foot slightly raised; notice the triangle shape of the chandelier pointing just ahead of his gaze as he heads toward an eerie blue-green hue at the end of the hall he faces.  This crystal chandelier image is very prescient because the TIME shop wanted recall of the country-western song of the same name whose theme is that of a successful public person who is a private failure, a popular literary meme.  

b. A second image of the chandelier motif comes as Trump tells TIME editor Nancy Gibbs, bureau chief Michael Scherer and WH correspondent Zeke Miller that he used his own money to pay for the new White House chandelier.  At the new president's direction, General Service contractors resurfaced the walls and redid the molding in a scant two days. "We found gold behind the walls," Trump tells his scheming diner guests.  Were they mad because he removed the modern art selections of their president of choice, Barack Obama?

c. Here is, perhaps, the most subliminally cruel image the TIME editors picked out from their photo sheets as they managed what news they would run with.  This analogy is that of the closed door with its two "eyes," namely its oval windows staring out at an entering president who, in their opinions, is not duly elected.  Now how mean can TIME’s dinner guests be, guests who were invited by the most influential leader in the world, a leader who has the basic common decency of most Americans, guests who abused his trait of American hospitality?  To be invited into the president's very own living quarters and then to be given a private tour by him, only to use this important event to scan for negative images to use against him is meanness on a large scale!  To plot and to catalogue subliminal messages, both written and seen, are somehow very un-American by this triangle of twisters. This piece was envisioned at least a month ago when the left was promoting its "he's not fit" fallacy.  This is the meanness of mainstream media at its ugliest ; their hypocritical cunning continues throughout as they write, "It's show time again." 

Now here is the great meanness that surprises President Trump.  Seventeen paragraphs into their hit piece, the Gibbs, Scherer, Miller triumvirate states some of his great achievements, safely buried to ensure dropped off readership of story loyalty. In a scant four months, the House passed a healthcare replacement; the president drew a red line with Syria over chemical weapons and backed up his decision with real time action, unlike the reporters' favorite president, Barack Hussein; established new cooperation with China over North Korea's nuclear proliferation and brought about the Build America, Buy America theme as his campaign promised.  The Trump negotiating skills insisted on timed and fixed contract language, no more open ended deals that fleece the taxpayers!  Many other such achievements, of course, were ignored at paragraph 17: last month's $186 billion surplus, the 3,500 pedophiles and sexual predators arrested with more to come as compared to Obama's paltry 400 arrests in 8 years; 1,300 plus gang bangers arrested, deported and/or removed from our streets; very high deportation levels of illegal border crossing law breakers; section of the wall actually completed with design paradigms ready for bid.  But the TIME crew would never tell you any of this.  
And how did TIME view its Hero?

So there you have a literary analysis of a journalistic hit piece on our new President.  The analogies presented in the TIME article certainly may not consciously register in our awareness, but they very well could and do present the pejorative themes of America's mainstream press which a Trump adviser called the "enemy of the people."  Yes, Mr. President, there is a “great meanness” out there.

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